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Let Jordan, James are painful NBA bizarre provisions – Sohu sports shark rule for the time being called shark rule it. Because of the introduction of this rule, and O’neal has a great relationship. Provisions of the union, the last two minutes of the game, the players without the ball foul penalty a penalty. The reason is that in the previous game, some teams in order to limit the role of O’neal at a critical moment, take the shark tactics, deliberately foul on O’neal, it will be sent to the free throw line. After adding this provision, it is to avoid the last moment is to catch the opponent to run around the embarrassing situation. Not bloody combat this rule makes Iverson’s heroic rise. Union regulations, if a part of the body bleeding, had to end up dressing, and then be able to return to the stadium. Iverson in a game the teeth were ray Allen, the referee reminded him off for processing, war is high Iverson teeth and blood and a swallow, it suddenly in one fell swoop won many fans for him. The alliance is mainly aimed at preventing the spread of infectious diseases. 1992 all star game, the AIDS virus, "magician" Johnson played, Byron – on the expression of extreme dissatisfaction with the. After years of discussion, the league rules that all players entering the League must be under the age of 19 and only one year after graduation from high school. Such a provision, all of a sudden break the young players jumped into the idea of NBA. A university coach pointed out that even if there are such rules, these players still can not learn in the university. And, to this, some American lawyers have raised questions. A family lawyer is also dedicated to David Stern wrote, recommend the removal of this provision, but ultimately failed. Shoes color to unify this provision to Michael – Jordan brought a brief on the money homeopathy, but let his shoes reputation big noise. At that time, Jordan had just entered the "harmony" union, the design of the shoes for their shoes shoes shoes are very beautiful color, black and red as the theme of the color, and then the white shoes are very uncoordinated. Union immediately introduced a provision, Jordan if you continue to wear these shoes, you must pay a fine. But advertisers encouraged Jordan to keep wearing this pair of shoes for his personal independence of conduct, and pay a fine. "Crab walk" legalization "crab walk" is the exclusive secret of James breakthrough, because they think that walking is famous. But, to the union Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper can have more display space, to modify the rules in the League next season, let the "crab walk" legalization. In fact, the alliance had a blind eye on James’s breakthrough. In several key decisions in the playoffs, the referee will be the "four step layup" as a legitimate shot, as the "emperor" in the green light. Only the uncle can shake his fingers and some of the signs of the action can not learn, because some people will be a special case of the League to take care of, such as retired former Rockets player Mutombo. Mu.相关的主题文章: