Kong Hyo Jin is jealous of the embodiment of fashionable textbook makeup lip tricks. yvette yates

Kong Hyo Jin is jealous of the embodiment of fashionable textbook makeup "lip" tricks all lead: all along, Kong Hyo Jin almost all the drama ratings guarantee, every drama star can gain high popularity, along with the wear makeup also attracted much attention. The recent hit "Avatar" envy is no exception, he not only with great figure deduction a set of exquisite fashion, as in the past the beautiful lips is impressive. (source: PClady) "jealous" Avatar "Korean jealous Avatar" launched more than a month, because the writers continued to fly brain hole, 3P cohabitation story, the drama from the romantic comedy talent shows itself in the ratings soared. Kong Hyo Jin as forecasters suffer from positive and not in the play, Cao Zhengshi played with this male reporter and Gao Geng played the male spoony dipper zaibatsu staged scenes of comedy romance. No money no table Nelly background "Avatar" jealous of Cinderella wanted to become a television anchorwoman, but because there is no background and can only become a weather forecaster informal. Work and life are always subject to heavy resistance, but still has a strong Nelly vitality, personality full of youthful spirit and lovely, for love and hate people can’t refuse. In addition to the strong spirit of Kong Hyo Jin as in the past, Kong Hyo Jin continued the consistent clothing and makeup Q Q in the series, each show other people can not help but eye stars! Throughout Europe, the makeup of the core hole, is always like makeup like natural flawless makeup, and do not lose life vitality of the lips. OL Bean Lip Kong Hyo Jin as the representative of the Department of nude make-up in the drama Kong Hyo Jin, often with red bean color lips show. Eye shadow to the earth system, mixed with coffee or deep pink, light pink, beige. Eyebrow also go light soft wind, is low-key, not too eye-catching, but also highlight the workplace and sense. Kong Hyo Jin this is a very worthy of reference OL workplace makeup collocation, facial color is very light, and chose the same blush lip color with black bean paste, other clothing, low-key and elegant, suitable for the coming winter season. "Never mind, love ah" in "never mind, love ah", Kong Hyo Jin’s lip is also impressive, close to the red bean berry color lips, highlighting the rich female temperament, with Ounibai to light skin, even if not beautiful facial features and how? Still the United States to the non party objects. Kong Hyo Jin had to sigh Shuiguang muscle with good law, no matter how the lip style, shining natural luster of skin can make you look out. No wonder fans affectionately called Kong Hyo Jin "hole at", because "meaning shining at" is Korean. Grapefruit Lady lip grapefruit this season Kong Hyo Jin fire color, as can always walk in front of the Korean Ouni does not have a try? In "Avatar" envy fifth, Nattalie to host the weather forecast table, with just the surgery has not yet recovered the body go to the TV station. This Look uses pink lipstick lip lip gently daub repeatedly in natural light, to create a natural effect. Give Way。相关的主题文章: