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UnCategorized Keywords are one of the elements that gets traffic to your website. Traffic is what every web owner wants and needs. Having a beautiful site that no one ever looks at does you no good. No matter what type of entrepreneur, traffic is essential. Keywords in your website content is one of the ways that you are able to get the right people to your site, through their Internet searches. You want visitors, but it is vital that they are the "right" visitors. It doesn’t really matter what type of entrepreneur you are, if you don’t attract your target market to your site, you will not benefit from the traffic that is there. Figuring out the right keywords will assist your site in ranking higher in search results and gain you needed web traffic, ultimately, getting you noticed on the web. Figure out your keywords: Marketing is a key to your business. Every entrepreneur has to do some homework to master the Internet marketing strategies they will use. Homework is part of what you have to do. There are several very effective tools for doing keyword research. Keyword research is identifying the right words that will rank your web content in the top results, above the .petition. Steps to Keyword Research: For the "Do-It-Yourselfer": 1.Start with a list of words. Think like your customers or your target market. What are the words that they would use to find you? Brainstorm as big a list as you can. Write them all down or add them to a spread sheet. Keywords include single words and phrases that are multiple words. 2.Talk with your customers and target market. Presumably you have customers you can talk with. Find out how they found you or how they would find you if they were looking. Ask them, what words they used. Sometimes as the business owner it is difficult to think like your customer and figure out how they would find you. Talking with your customers is an easy way to get some really valuable information. 3.Look at the .petition. If you have a .petitor that is doing really well, especially on the Internet, then take a look at their keywords. You can see the keywords by looking at the page source. It is the code that puts the web page together. You are able to see the keywords that have been entered in the Meta tags, description and Meta keywords. Some feel that the search bots and spiders aren’t looking at the Meta data on a website. But even if this is true, looking at this information can give you valuable information. 4.Use a thesaurus. You might have .e up with some GREAT words, but maybe there is another word that your target market uses more. For example, as a business coach, one of the keyword phrases that I came up with was "struggling small business". It doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic. But, "failing business" is a big keyword. The meaning is similar but the search results are significantly different. 5.Use keyword software tools. There are several software tools that you can use and can be very helpful once you have a list of potential words. The keyword software gives you different information, such as the number of searches for a particular keyword, related keywords and phrases. This information lets you evaluate whether the keywords are the right ones for reaching the size market you are after. For example, if you have a keyword that you find only has a small number of searches per month; it is not the keyword that you want to focus your energy on. 6.Evaluate your keyword information. Once you have created your list, evaluate the data that you have. You can then narrow your search terms down to a handful that will most likely help you to achieve your goals. Once you have the list, rank them in order… 7.Test and evaluate your keywords. Now you can begin your using your keywords, but don’t use them all at once. Track what you use and evaluate your data to determine if you are getting the results that you need. Typically, your web hosting account includes tools that you can use to track your traffic. Web traffic should be evaluated based on how people found you and whether your conversion rates changed. It’s great to have lots of traffic but if that traffic is not converting into customers then….is the traffic all that great. It is time to get started. Even if you are a gift shop with a web store, it is time to evaluate your keywords and make sure they are right. Making your website work better for you is only positive for your business. Entrepreneurs that utilize their web presence effectively build a larger customer base faster. Improving your content in alignment with the right keywords is a great place to start. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: