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Jiangsu Beijing issued a blue rainstorm warning in the Xinhua News Agency Nanjing September 30th news (reporter Zhao Jiulong, Lu Huadong) Jiangsu provincial meteorological station 30, 8:43 issued a blue rainstorm warning signal, at present, heavy rainfall mainly in Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Taizhou, southern Yangzhou, northern Nantong and Yancheng in central and Southern regions, heavy rainfall is expected in the future 12 hours in these areas will continue, the cumulative precipitation up to 50 mm. On the same day, Nanjing Meteorological Observatory also released a blue rainstorm warning signal, rainfall in large parts of the north central part of the city. According to the Jiangsu meteorological observatory rainfall tracking information shows that, at present, the province’s rainfall echoes are mainly located along the Yangtze River and South of Jiangsu, southwest of the northeast, and gradually moved to the northeast. Review of rainfall information display, Nanjing city Gaochun district town of pine village is the largest dam, the area of heavy rain, maximum rainfall of 238.3 mm. At present, Gaochun rain weakened. The reporter learned from the Jiangsu provincial meteorological station, by the eastward trough and typhoon "catfish" residual circulation, the National Day holiday early (1 to 2), Jiangsu Province along the Yangtze River and north region will appear to heavy rain in most areas will usher in the rain. Jiangsu provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Liu Mei said, "although the 17 typhoon" catfish "has stopped, but the subtropical high circulation and water vapor transport of the peripheral residual still exists, under the influence of the upper trough moving eastward, the next 2 days in most parts of Jiangsu province precipitation." Nanjing city meteorological station and the Traffic Management Bureau of Nanjing city traffic command center 6 jointly issued Nanjing city traffic Visibility Forecast, according to meteorological monitoring information, 30 days 6 when the visibility is 1 to 6 kilometers, is expected in the next 12 hours visibility is 1 to 7 kilometers, affected by heavy rainfall, local visibility less than 1 km road very slippery, reminded to pay attention to traffic safety. 30 am, when the temperature of the city of Nanjing is only about 18 degrees Celsius, the body feels cool, Liu Mei reminded the public to travel before the autumn ready to install the.相关的主题文章: