It’s time for Martinez to join Evergrande and help

Martinez: to join Hengda help anyone’s time to go to Atletico Jackson – Martinez announced the transfer Hengda sina sports news Beijing time on February 3rd morning, Guangzhou Evergrande officially announced the signing of Atletico Madrid striker Jackson Martinez, transfer fee of up to 42 million euros, after Atletico were also officially announced, Martinez announced formally to join hengda. Ma Jing in the official report, accompanied by one of Mr Martinez’s personal statement, Columbia striker expressed Atletico of strong feeling, at the same time for the upcoming Hengda tour. He said, "it’s a great honor to be part of the Atletico club, but I think it’s time to start a new journey. We’ve talked a lot in the last few days, and we think it’s the best for everybody." Martinez didn’t forget to thank Ma Jing. "I want to thank my teammates, thank you for the coaching team, and thank you for all the people who have trusted me and recognized my efforts." Martinez, 29, joined Ma Jing in 35 million euros last summer, scoring 3 goals for Atletico in 22 games this season. (flat)

马丁内斯:加盟恒大对任何人有帮助 是时候该走了 马竞宣布杰克逊-马丁内斯转会恒大   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月3号早,广州恒大官方宣布签下马竞前锋杰克逊-马丁内斯,转会费高达4200万欧元,之后马竞也进行了官方宣布,宣布马丁内斯正式加盟恒大。   马竞在官方报道中,附上了一则马丁内斯的个人声明,哥伦比亚前锋表达了对马竞的惜别之情,同时憧憬即将到来恒大之旅。他说:“很荣幸能成为马竞俱乐部的一份子,但是我想是时候开始一段新的征程。最近几天我们聊了很多,我们认为(转会恒大)是对所有人而言都是最好的。”   马丁内斯不忘感谢马竞,“我想谢谢我的队友,谢谢教练团队,谢谢俱乐部那些对我充满信任,认可我努力的人。”   现年29岁的马丁内斯,在去年夏天以3500万欧元转会加盟马竞,本赛季为马竞出场22场比赛,只打进3球。   (平次)相关的主题文章: