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International Conference on innovation of graphene held soon nearly 400 million yuan after 4 leading shares Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you Chinese falls 2016 international graphene Innovation Conference held soon nearly 400 million yuan after 4 leading stocks – reporter Ren Xiaoyu reported to you, "2016 China international graphene innovation conference will be held in Qingdao from September 22nd to 24. The General Assembly will be "new forces, new normal, new breakthrough" as the theme, focusing on the preparation of graphene technology and new energy, heat, functional coatings, touch screen, conductive inks, composite materials, environmental protection, lubricants and other hot fields held special branch, carry out commercial path research, communication, standardization advanced detection technology exhibition, international cooperation, exhibition and other activities. In addition, in September 6th China’s first graphene mass production base in Xiamen put into operation, is expected in 2020 its production capacity is expected to reach 5000 tons. In addition, in September 9th, the application of CHINT Grabat graphene technology held in Hangzhou (Chinese) conference, issued a number of technical solutions of graphene applications, which means that the preparation of graphene technology industry has achieved new progress. In the positive impact of the collective released since September, graphene stocks were active, Letong shares during the cumulative increase first reached 33.97%, CHINT electric, Jiawei shares are cumulative increase of over 10%, respectively 10.77%, 10.03%, in addition, rich technology (6.67%), Dongxu photoelectric (5.85%), China power (4.66%), Kang Dexin (0.78%) and baotailong (0.25%) and other stocks rose to varying degrees during the show. Although the A-share market in the month of A shock finishing trend, but some graphene stocks have also been concerned about market funds. "Securities Daily" market research center according flush statistics show that since September a total of 4 related stocks to achieve large net inflow of funds, the cumulative suction gold 388 million yuan, respectively, China power (214 million 398 thousand and 700 yuan), rich technology (133 million 206 thousand yuan), CHINT electric (28 million 723 thousand and 700 yuan) and Nandu power (11 million 349 thousand and 300 yuan). From the current situation of the development of industry, application of graphene in the field of batteries is more prominent, in July 8th, Dongxu photoelectric launched the world’s first graphene based lithium ion battery products, the product can not only compared with ordinary batteries in the 5C condition, realize quick charge within 15 minutes of discharge, and can work at -30 DEG C ~80 C environment, the cycle life of up to 3500 times higher. The market generally believes that the landing of graphene based lithium ion battery, open the application time of graphene in the field of energy, that carbon Valley preparation of graphene and graphene coated lithium battery cathode materials two core technology leadership and success, completely open space in the application of graphene lithium batteries, consumer electronics power lithium battery and lithium battery energy storage. National power lithium battery consumption in 2016相关的主题文章: