Ink super reminder Mexico road away 2 wins and 6 flat only unbeaten team

Ink: ink to remind America super away 2 wins 6 flat unbeaten league only team super football] [ink prediction: Guadalajara vs Mexico America start time: 2016-11-28 08:06 injury report: Guadalajara injured / out: no?   no player in the Guadalajara team due to injury or suspension, means the team can attack array. Mexico America questionable: ESA Samb (thigh) and Zamudio (head) / out: Aguilar (injured cruciate ligament), Valdez (knee medial ligament), Gomes (injured)?   Mexico America has more than the main out, torn cruciate ligament medial knee ligament injury Aguilar, Valdez, Mr Gomes is left hit, to rest until January next year. In the play the first leg of the Sam Buaisayin thigh injury midway retire, Zamudio also suffered due to head off. Analysis of game ball: Guadalajara?   Beijing time at 08:062016 on the morning of November 28th Mexico autumn season league playoff second leg to play third games played against Guadalajara, will be returned to the home court against the visiting Mexico america. (Note: the quarter finals and semi-finals will use two rounds of computing away goals, if still not a winner, then the League high team.)  ?; the first leg against Guadalajara in the early part of the game the first goal, then the team fought back, in the first half stoppage time penalty equaliser by Salcido Ji, after the time the two teams were unable to rewrite the score again, the two sides finally shake hands and make it 1-1.  ?; Guadalajara draw with rivals in the first round, and has an away goal advantage, as long as the team beat the opponent in this field or less than the score of 2-2 draw with rivals can qualify for Guadalajara, so this game may be relatively conservative, implement defends the counter attack tactics in the game. ?   but from the recent Guadalajara game, the team still lack the ability to grasp the opportunity, every game down have a lot of opportunities, but the lack of final striker.  ? In Guadalajara this season league home and away, 9 league wins 3 home court harvest 4 flat 2 negative, performance is quite satisfactory, while the 8 League is 4 wins 1 flat 3 negative harvest, is one of the best performance of the team league, skill in combat. ?   and at the end of the Mexico cup, Guadalajara in the final in a penalty against Queretaro, missed the championship, the team present goal was to succeed in the playoffs.  ?; this game will be back to Guadalajara home court, even if the team the last 4 home court in Mexico America without victory, but considering the recent opponents away performance more generally, Guadalajara is expected to usher in the promotion of home court. Mexico America;  .相关的主题文章: