In the oil sector and then accelerate the listing of 25 billion 100 million assets into st days

In the oil sector to speed up independent listed assets into *ST 25 billion 100 million days after each program listing news pictures the intern reporter He Hongyuan, the financial sector was settled, the oil group in the construction sector "via" *ST days of listing plan released by. September 9th, *ST Tianli (600339, SH) announced that the proposed non-public offering of A shares to the oil group and to pay the cash acquisition of the latter held by the company’s 100% stake in the company, the transaction price of a total of $25 billion 100 million. *ST days for PetroChina’s main petrochemical products production and sales of listed companies, after the completion of the transaction, will become a subsidiary of PetroChina Petroleum engineering construction business platform. Daily economic news reporter noted that the results of these 7 companies have varying degrees of decline in the last year, the highest decline of up to 88%, as well as the loss of the first half of the first half of 3 companies. In the case of unsatisfactory performance, the choice of the oil sector will be listed in the construction sector? Chinese energy network’s chief information officer Han Xiaoping said that the oil will separate the construction sector listed, conducive to the realization of integration and combing its business synergies, reduce costs, and will also participate in the market competition; at the same time, the independent sector after the listing, can avoid the diversification discount, to achieve its maximum valuation. 25 billion 100 million assets into sluggish performance according to the announcement, *ST Tianli intends to use the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy assets, to CNPC non-public offering of A shares and payment of cash acquired Construction Pipeline Bureau Engineering Company, engineering company, global engineering, Kunlun engineering, engineering design and engineering company, PetroChina Northeast Refining & Chemical Company the latter holds a 100% stake. To June 30, 2016 valuation date, the book value of the net assets into assets amounted to 22 billion 836 million yuan, the total estimated value of 25 billion 131 million yuan, the issuance of shares to buy assets issue price of 4.73 yuan shares, issuance of 4 billion 44 million 649 thousand and 900 shares, at the same time, the cash payment amount is 6 billion yuan. The restructuring plan that, through the early to inject assets integration, to form oil service as the core of the petroleum and natural gas chemical industry, engineering design, project contracting and construction industry system integration, after the completion of the transaction, the proposed construction business in a unified management platform, to further rationalize the relationship between the equity relationship and improve the overall management. Market competitiveness. One side is the ideal plan, the other is the status quo. Daily economic news reporter combing plan found that the performance of the company injected into the situation is relatively bleak. Kunlun construction engineering design company, the first half of this year and the Northeast refining losses were 58 million 300 thousand and 500 yuan, 57 million 149 thousand and 600 yuan, 75 million 934 thousand and 100 yuan; global engineering, pipeline engineering company and the Kunlun Engineering Bureau last year net profit fell 7.54%, 62.48% and 88%, the Pipeline Bureau Engineering Company net profit fell 831 million yuan; only construction company net profit rose contrarian reached 207 million 800 thousand yuan. In the case of unsatisfactory performance, the choice of the oil sector will be listed in the construction sector? Han Xiaoping pointed out,;相关的主题文章: