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In short supply and a fund company QDII quota exhausted (Figure) – fund channel in the state to suspend the purchase of Wang Rui QDII tab Wu Securities Times reporter Wang Rui drawing the domestic stock market turmoil, overseas investment channels hot. Yesterday, Xincheng BRIC active configuration, fidelity global commodity theme Fund announcement, since February 16th to suspend purchase, fidelity fund $600 million the amount of foreign exchange investment run out. Statistics show that there are 20 QDII pause purchase, and some of the suspension of large subscription. GF, Bo, investment and other companies basically run out of foreign exchange quota. The fund’s foreign exchange quota continues to be in an emergency. Shanghai, a fund company told reporters, recently, QDII fund investors to buy the enthusiasm is very high, the company’s QDII fund size increase of 70% since the start of the year. It is understood that part of the amount of foreign exchange fund companies have raised products accounted for is not large, but should set up a number of institutions need special products, with most of the foreign exchange quota. Due to the serious shortage of funds, many fund companies have applied for foreign exchange quota to the board of directors, but the process is slow. The fund company said that their company began to apply in the second half of last year, and later tightened foreign exchange, so far did not get. Reporters found on the website of the foreign exchange administration, the last batch of funds to get the amount of funds in March last year. In fact, many institutions have a strong interest in low margin assets. People in the International Department of the south a fund company said that now many institutions of Chinese enterprises in overseas bonds and preferred stock is very interested, have adopted the fund account to buy these assets. But now the price is not cheap. Fortune SGAM fund product development department general manager Zhang Xi said, February will be released at the end of a QDII-LOF product, the domestic stock market turmoil, some people go to the continuing shortage of assets, overseas assets, fund companies can now provide a suitable investment tool. Global stock market volatility this year, as of Friday, the S & P 500 fell 8.77%, the NASDAQ index fell 13.38%. At present, there are 132 QDII products in the market, 7 are positive income, the decline in more than 10% products for 68. Although poor performance, but still outperform A shares. Prudential BRIC positive configuration, Prudential global commodity theme two funds belong to the open LOF fund. Xincheng BRIC released the latest net 0.598, listing price yesterday was 0.605, a premium of 1.17%; fidelity global commodity theme net 0.429%, the transaction price of 0.439, a premium of 2.33%. As the two funds are suspended, similar to closed-end funds, fund holders can carry out a premium transaction. Author: Wang Rui (source: Securities Times Network)

供不应求 又一家基金公司QDII额度告罄(图)-基金频道处于暂停申购状态的QDII王瑞 制表 吴比较 制图  证券时报记者 王瑞  国内股市动荡,海外投资渠道火爆。昨日,信诚金砖四国积极配置、信诚全球商品主题基金发布公告,自2 月16 日起暂停申购,信诚基金6亿美元外汇投资额度用完。  统计显示,目前已有20只QDII暂停申购,还有部分暂停大额申购。广发、博时、招商等公司的外汇额度基本用完。基金公司的外汇额度持续告急。  上海一位基金公司人士告诉记者,近期,投资者购买QDII基金的热情很高,公司旗下的QDII基金今年开年以来规模增加了七成。  据了解,部分拥有外汇额度的基金公司公募产品占比并不大,而是应机构需求成立了多只专户产品,用去了大部分的外汇额度。  由于严重的供不应求,不少基金公司已向外管局申请外汇额度,但进程缓慢。上述基金公司人士称,他们公司去年下半年就开始申请,后来外汇收紧,至今也没拿到。记者在外汇管理局的网站上发现,最近一批拿到额度的基金公司还是在去年3月份。  实际上,不少机构对风险较低的固收类资产兴趣颇大。南方某基金公司国际部人士表示,现在不少机构对中资企业在海外发行的债券和优先股很感兴趣,纷纷通过基金公司专户购买这类资产。不过现在价格也不便宜了。  华宝兴业基金产品开发部总经理章希表示,2月底将会发行一只QDII-LOF产品,国内的股市动荡,资产荒持续,一些人去海外找资产,基金公司此时可以提供合适的投资工具。  今年以来,全球股市震荡,截至上周五,标普500指数跌8.77%,纳斯达克指数跌13.38%。目前市场上132只QDII产品中,有7只为正收益,跌幅在10%以上的产品为68只。虽然表现不佳,但是依然大幅跑赢于A股。  信诚金砖四国积极配置、信诚全球商品主题两只基金属于上市开放的LOF基金。信诚金砖四国最新公布的净值为0.598,昨日的上市交易价格为0.605,溢价1.17%;信诚全球商品主题净值为0.429%,交易价格为0.439,溢价2.33%。由于两只基金均暂停申购,类似于封闭式基金,基金持有人可进行溢价交易。  作者:王瑞 (来源:证券时报网)相关的主题文章: