In 2017, the national examination registration scheme recruited more than 2.7 people (video) visualboyadvance

2017 national test tomorrow for more than 2.7 people in 2017 countries plan Zhaolu civil service examination 15 applicants this year plan recruiting more than 2.7 people according to Xinhua news agency, human resources and social security department and the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the National Civil Service Bureau issued 13 news, 2017 the central authorities and institutions directly under the civil service examination registration work will start, and the public subject written examination time have been identified. This offer a total of more than 120 institutions directly under the central authority and its units and participate in the management of the civil service law, plan Zhaolu of more than 2.7 people. After October 14, 2016, candidates can log in central organs and institutions directly under the 2017 annual civil service examination website, Ministry of human resources and social security website, portal website of State Bureau of Civil Servants Recruiting department, job recruiting information query, recruiting policy, recruitment notice and telephone consultation etc.. The examinee mainly adopts the way of network application, the registration time for October 15, 2016 to 24. The written test is scheduled for November 27, 2016 at the same time in the capital city, the capital of the autonomous region, or municipality directly under the central government and individual large city. It is understood that the 2017 central authorities and institutions directly under the civil service examination work mainly has the following characteristics: one is to continue to pay attention to grass-roots employment oriented. At or above the provincial level party and government organs of civil servants, except for some special positions and professional positions, all for recruiting with more than 2 years working experience at the grass-roots level of personnel. City (to) level the following positions to recruiting college graduates, guide and encourage outstanding college graduates to the grass-roots grass-roots candidates positions. The central authorities, agencies directly under the (ground) positions below, arranged on the principle of 15% plan special for targeted recruiting service expires, assessment of qualified personnel of project of service grass-roots unit, which focus on recruiting college-graduate village official. Two is appropriate to reduce the barriers to entry in remote areas difficult. In remote areas difficult by the central authority of the institutions directly under the county (District) level below the position, as the case alone or integrated by decreasing the degree requirements, to relax the restrictions, does not limit the professional work experience and experience, individual designated examination score line and other measures to reduce barriers to entry, at the same time, to allow the institutions directly under the central authority with a certain number of county (District) level for the following positions of the city or county of residence or life, long-term work in the local personnel recruitment, the implementation of the new civil servants employed a minimum service life and other measures, stability in remote areas difficult level of civil servants. The three is to further improve the level of scientific examination. Continue to the provincial and city (prefectural) the following positions were life public subject written questions. 8 the lingua franca position of the CBRC, Department of special professional position and the Ministry of foreign affairs and Ministry of Commerce Commission, and the public security organs of the people’s police position to implement the "2 + X" test mode, namely except the administration occupation ability test, on two subjects in public examinations, candidates also need to participate in the professional examination subjects or uniform foreign language proficiency test, focus on the professional ability and quality measurements, in order to meet the actual needs of people with recruiting agencies. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily)

2017年国考明起报名 计划招录2.7万余人 2017国家公务员考试15日报名 今年计划招录2.7万余人 据新华社电中共中央组织部、人力资源和社会保障部和国家公务员局13日发布消息,2017年度中央机关及其直属机构考试录用公务员工作即将开始,报名和公共科目笔试时间也已确定。本次招录共有120多个中央机关及其直属机构和参照公务员法管理的单位参加,计划招录2.7万余人。 2016年10月14日以后,报考人员可登录中央机关及其直属机构2017年度考试录用公务员专题网站、人力资源和社会保障部门户网站、国家公务员局门户网站查询招录部门、招录职位信息、招录政策、招考公告以及咨询电话等情况。 考生报名主要采取网络报名的方式,报名时间为2016年10月15日至24日。公共科目笔试定于2016年11月27日在全国各省会城市、自治区首府、直辖市和个别较大的城市同时举行。 据了解,2017年度中央机关及其直属机构考试录用公务员工作主要有以下几个特点: 一是继续坚持重视基层的用人导向。省级以上党政机关录用公务员,除部分特殊职位和专业性较强的职位外,全部用于招录具有2年以上基层工作经历的人员。市(地)级以下职位以招录应届高校毕业生为主,引导和鼓励优秀高校毕业生报考基层职位,到基层建功立业。中央机关直属机构市(地)级以下职位,原则上安排15%左右的计划专门用于定向招录服务期满、考核合格的服务基层项目人员,其中重点招录大学生村官。 二是适当降低艰苦边远地区进入门槛。对艰苦边远地区的中央机关直属机构县(区)级以下职位,视情况单独或者综合采取适当降低学历要求、放宽专业限制、不限制工作年限和经历、单独划定笔试合格分数线等措施,降低进入门槛,同时,采取允许中央机关直属机构拿出一定数量的县(区)级以下职位面向所在市、县户籍或在当地长期生活、工作的人员招考,落实新录用公务员最低服务年限等措施,稳定艰苦边远地区基层公务员队伍。 三是进一步提高考试科学化水平。继续对省级以上和市(地)级以下职位分别命制公共科目笔试试题。对银监会、证监会特殊专业职位和外交部、商务部等部门的8个非通用语职位,以及公安机关人民警察职位实行“2+X”考试模式,即除行政职业能力测验、申论两门公共科目考试外,考生还需要统一参加专业科目考试或外语水平测试,突出对专业能力和素质的测查,以满足招录机关实际用人需要。(三秦都市报)相关的主题文章: