Important Tips For Great Customer

UnCategorized Customer service is of utmost importance from Day One. You can have the best gift baskets and the best services. You might get hard-to-find items of the best quality but if poor customer service is what tags along, customers will not stay your customers for long. Great customer service is all about getting customers to shop at your store again. It could be an online store; it could be a physical location. But, there are certain key policies that you need to adhere to: The customer is always first You might be swamped with paperwork and other executive duties, but when customers are in the store, they should be treated like they are the stars of the show. When an online order is received, you should attend to it as soon as possible and within the time period mentioned on your web site. The customer is always right-deal graciously with .plaints If you have an irate customer, first show him you are serious about correcting the problem and try to calm him. Sometimes, even if the customer is wrong, it’s better to bear the loss and .pensate the customer than to lose repeat business. And, don’t forget to thank the customer for their business-no matter what. Advertising cannot repair the damage caused to your business by a customer whose .plaints have not been addressed properly. Live up to your promises or don’t make them Nothing annoys customers more than a broken promise. Go out of your way to show your concern for and help your customers This includes having an attentive ear for their problems and concerns. You might turn out to be their only confidante. There might be no immediate profit in being helpful but such customers who have been at the receiving end of your good nature will be the ones who .e back and buy from you. Train your staff (if you have any) to smile, and always be helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable You might be wonderful in customer service but if the picture changes when your back is turned, you’ll be living to correct the mistakes of others. Have everyone know your approved ideal for customer service. Solicit and use testimonials from your satisfied customers People see that you care enough to share the experiences of others with them. Throw in something extra Use free samples that you get from suppliers as freebies. It might be something small but anything free is appreciated. You could also go one step further in service by attaching little "To and From" cards that the customer could use when presenting your gift baskets, if you don’t already attach them. Or you could present those who purchase from you with a 10% discount coupon for their next purchase. Try to be unique in what you offer over and above your goods and your reputation will soar and your customer base will grow. Great customer service is effective marketing and advertising in itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: