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If you want to go to the United States graduate start-up companies working in North America forright family school recruit Sohu as a technology coverage throughout the whole chain of Sino US capital, forright capital investment in a series of high-quality start-up companies in the United states. If you are studying in American colleges and universities, after graduation, I hope to enter the work of an American start-up company, and a group of professional colleagues to create innovative products, the industry’s big bull guidance, here is your chance. Of course, if you feel that China is more suitable for their own stage, we also provide you with a large number of local start-up companies positions (on demand can provide H1B visa). These companies are: if you are interested in the following positions, please send your resume to hr@freesvc. Mail Title Unified please write: company + name + school + professional. As part of the job to the intern open, looking for internship children can pay attention to identification:) content is long, only for you Kolmostar Introduction: Considering a to positioning technology on mobile devices with centimeter level accuracy in harsh indoor outdoor environments and a low-power Bluetooth radio with a long range of a few kilometers. With decades of industry experiences, the founding team of Kolmostar applies advanced statistics and big data techniques to our proprietary signal-processing framework. > > Position: System Signal Algorithm Engineer 1, wireless communication (Full time or intern Job Electrical engineering &) Deion: 1; communications 2; Strong background on Information Theory digital signal and wireless communication; 3 mathematics skills (linear algebra), held in processing Strong相关的主题文章: