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Hyacinth Science: "take off" from the worry of uterine prolapse things – Sohu healthy white: what is the long shaped object in the vagina? Hyacinth: oh. I know you’ll think about it. It’s not from the outside. What I want to say today is from the inside. Of course, this is a kind of disease – uterine prolapse. You may have heard of the prolapse of the stomach, the meaning of uterine prolapse is similar, that is, uterine prolapse and prolapse into the vagina. The first to enter the vagina is the cervix, who called them close. We know that the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments, they like a strong hand, hold up the uterus. If they are injured, the uterus has lost rely on, inevitably came down the stairs, such as vaginal delivery dystocia, postpartum and premature labor or overweight, long-term constipation, cough, or even simply because of obesity, caused by abdominal pressure. Because of the cervix and leave the hometown hometown hard links, cause local congestion, let people back pain, especially after exertion. Because of the oppression of the foreign body into the vagina, causing urinary incontinence, severe defecation and urination difficulties. Then some serious, if cervical prolapse of the vagina, see the outside world, please fill her brain tender body gets hurt. Uterine prolapse is more common in middle-aged and elderly women. The prevalence rate reported by domestic scholars is different, and the whole population is about 30%, which increases with age. And there is a certain genetic predisposition. Prevention of uterine prolapse is not difficult, postpartum do not overweight exercise (note that not too heavy exercise, early postpartum mild activity is still beneficial), especially after experiencing dystocia women. In front of the abdominal pressure will cause increased disease, to timely treatment. Mild uterine prolapse can not be treated. Moderate and severe prolapse can be surgery, once and for all to solve the problem. In some cases the inconvenience of operation, such as pregnancy and postpartum, or physical weakness, can place the uterus, hold the uterus. TIPS please note that the light weight is not your final say, is the doctor said. So, if you have any symptoms or experiences that you mentioned before, go see a doctor. Uterine prolapse can be treated. Very simple, two words: levator ani. The anus can exercise the muscles of the pelvic floor, make uterine to rely on. Every few seconds, spare time can do it yourself, Feng Jian by the people. Moreover, insist on doing, there will be unexpected harvest oh, ha ha, I do not tell people. But if uterine prolapse completely don’t do this, may cause the prolapsed uterus go back and edema necrosis, must take the dew on the outside of the uterine plug go back and do exercise exercise. Author: Teri editor: hyacinth hyacinth hyacinth and Faye – a private doctor APP, maternity doctor 7*24 hours online consultation, to your private doctor questions whenever and wherever possible. Hyacinth for you and your family’s health escort!相关的主题文章: