Her husband did not take the keys to knock the door of his wife actually do this with people at home-t6570

Her husband did not take the keys to knock the door of his wife actually do this with people at home… Data figure Korla residents Wang Jun (a pseudonym) there is an emergency back to the 10 floor of the house, his wife at home but did not open the door. Remove the cat Wang Jun vaguely see a man inside the house to the balcony. The man fled from the 10 floor window, trapped in the floor of the 8 platform, the fire was finally rescued. November 10th, Korla unity Road police station, said the incident occurred on the evening of 3. 3, about 22, unity Road police station received a resident Wang Jun alarm: a man trapped in the floor of the 8, you come and see it." The police police said, the building is tall, they were not found the man’s figure in the downstairs. "The top layer is following me to the 5 floor shops, large balcony for observation, open the flashlight found on the 8 floor for air conditioning of 1 square meters of the platform, a man curled up". Police said they had wanted to go to the 8 floor will save the man, but visited found that the floor is uninhabited, they went to the police Wang Jun home in the 10 floor. Taking into account the 10 floor and floor, a few meters of the gap, the police call the 119 of the 8. Firefighters arrived at the scene, in the house to fix the shelf, the use of rope down to the 8 floor platform, the trapped man rescued. After the trapped man was rescued, there are minor abrasions, emotional stability." The police said, the trapped man was saved to the 10 floor, Wang Jun is particularly excited mood, want to play the trapped man. Wang Jun said that the day he played chess with friends outside, because there is an urgent need to go home to deal with, when he found no key home. "I knew my wife was at home and started knocking on the door, but I hadn’t seen her open the door for a long time. At this time, I suddenly heard the noise coming from the house, as if someone was walking to the door, the cat’s eye removed through a small hole in the door on the inside, vaguely see a man went to the living room balcony in the direction of." In this way, Wang Jun at the door waiting for twenty or thirty minutes, his wife opened the door. Wang Jun said he suspected his wife affair, in the door after the opening of the house to enter the house, but only one person in the room. He observed that the living room balcony window open, he looked out of the window, through the 7 floor of the light he found a man at the 8 floor of the platform, it is to see their own people from the cat’s eyes. It is understood that the floor of each floor outside the living room balcony Wang Jun has a reserved platform for the installation of air conditioning. When the police asked, the man was not admitted and Wang Jun’s wife, love affair". The trapped man said, is the wife of Wang Jun let himself go out the window, he was the first to the 9 floor to the 8 floor of a small platform, a small platform when tired, plus the dark, afraid. Wang Jun’s wife said, and the trapped man did have intercourse.相关的主题文章: