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He helped Wang Zhelin become the two NBA wheel show planning a draft 2016 and joined the warriors soundtrack the playback Zhelin both in the selection of Zhou Qi Wang Fuxiang still true master can turn bad into good, can turn ordinary weapons with the power of magic sword. Really good agent, can make the two round show to get the big contract with the player, player all-powerful. Mark Bart Stein is the manager of his career, 31 years, is a NBA agent in the offbeat, other big brokers love sign a big star, but Bart Stein is a player with a large number of ordinary living. The magic of Bart Stein has made the two round of the annual salary higher than the peak period of Jordan. The magic of Bart Stein in the 2014-15 season to promote the outcome, because the finals of the two coaches – Steve – David and David – are all his customers in the city of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States in the final of the season, the results of the. This summer, Bart Stein’s magic continues, he helped Wang Zhelin become the two round pick, Bill helped Bradley to get the maximum salary contract makes wal terribly jealous. NBA agent Bart Stein Jean beat Jordan with two round show the highest annual salary of Mark Bart Stein into the broker industry very early. In 1985, ambitious Bart Stein founded his own brokerage firm. At that time, Bart Stein was only 25 years old, just got a master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Illinois. Young Bart Stein quickly suffered setbacks, no player is willing to cooperate with him. "It was a difficult time, but fortunately I got it. I got a reward from NFL first, and then I signed up for the NBA players and everyone started to trust me," Bart Stein said. In the fierce competition, Bart Stein gradually found out a set of methods, that is not blindly chasing big players, but from the ordinary players. Bart Stein found that the star players are willing to take refuge in the big name broker, because those big brokers are good at helping players get big contracts. Big names will also focus on their signature players, and the players will be left out in the cold. Any player who never left Bart Stein’s, he is blind, dedication to help every customer service. His style has been recognized by more and more ordinary players, the players began to defected to his banner. Bart Stein in the NBA really started fame in 1990 to help John – get a $26 million 500 thousand contract for 7 years, Williams. Such contracts are common in today’s NBA. But in 1990 is a very high price, and Williams in the 1990-91 season, the annual salary of $5 million, for example, Zhongtian Jordan annual salary of $1 million high. John – Williams is only the second round in 1985, a total of forty-fifth players. He started his career in Cleveland, averaging 16.8 points and 8.1 rebounds in the 1989-90 season. Mark Batesitanen uses heat to raise prices, Miami is appreciation of Williams, a high offer of $26 million 500 thousand for 7 years, when everyone thought.相关的主题文章: