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Have money! LETV won $600 million investment to solve the problem of funds or technology Sohu – Sohu technology paper Ding Ding November 15th, LETV holdings announced that the company with more than a dozen companies signed the first phase of the $300 million investment agreement. Allegedly, including Hailanjituan, Hengxing group, Yihua group, USI Holdings Group, green group, diving more than a dozen companies clearly expressed intention to invest, a total investment of $600 million letv. According to the music as the disclosure of the news, the first phase of $300 million will be credited to the account this month, the money will be invested as the car ecology and LeEco Global. In this investment, LETV in November 11th announced that LETV notified the company’s senior management and core staff totaling about 10 people, the future development prospects of the company and the confidence based on reasonable judgment of the value of the stock at present, the researchers plan to in the next six months (from November 11, 2016 to May 10, 2017 check), by allowing the trading system of Shenzhen stock exchange way (including but not limited to centralized bidding and block trading Holdings) holdings of shares, the total amount of not less than 300 million yuan, holdings of funds required by senior management and key personnel core self made. The afternoon of November 13th, LETV founder Jia Yueting micro-blog said: forage first, ecological strategy of second stage solid sail Mark. The micro-blog also specially marked Hongkong landmark Hongkong international financial center. The micro-blog was accused of Jia Yueting want to transfer funds to the outside world in Hong kong. This also means that the music as both organizational structure adjustment after the opening, as the music has been seeking to solve the problem of ecological capital. Previously, due to the music as the capital chain tension, and the influence of suppliers owed money to negative media coverage and other events, LETV shares all the way down, only more than a week time, ten billion yuan market value evaporated. LETV said co-founder Liu Hong media interview in investors after the exchange, at present each plate are in different stages of financing non-listed company, will soon be announced that LETV financing situation of the sector. Liu Hong said, there are a lot of strategic investors, are now in contact with the music as. Our strategy is to not need profit, burn cultivation business on non-listed company, these businesses are profitable, high value users and large scale, will put them in the listed company. After LETV suppliers owed money after the news, as the interest related parties Xingen capital said it had started with an investment fund letv. According to reports, the music as the root of the first phase of the fund has successfully raised 4 billion 800 million yuan, and will immediately start the period of 5 billion 200 million yuan fund-raising. At the same time, Xin root will also start to focus on the music network to upgrade a number of intensive investment, will help LETV achieve three upgrade strategy. According to Sohu science and technology to understand, many music as mobile phone accessories suppliers also said that the music as the music did not default on their payment. Prior to the release of the music as holding investment news, music, as well as external disclosure, as music HR announced second major personnel adjustments. As high as the holding appointed president of the Asia Pacific region, and Hongkong LeEco.相关的主题文章: