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Hangzhou Qianjiang New City Tour finale destination except West Lake another destination West Lake morning, the afternoon of Qianjiang, light show is the finale of the one-day tour of Hangzhou. A group of 32 tourists in Hangzhou to take the female tour guide, voice is dumb, but she took a group of tourists go to the balcony of Qianjiang City when the voice is hard to mention, "you see, that is the Hangzhou International Expo Center, Hangzhou G20 summit home court hall, the lotus petal is the Olympic Sports Center, which is closed for maintenance, to go into the river, is the best." 2 pm yesterday, I came to Hangzhou for the G20 summit’s new tourist destination — qianjiangxincheng Hangzhou International Convention Center (the ball). Now, here is the Hangzhou tour project, in addition to another required place outside West Lake. The moon of Hangzhou and Lanzhou is the same as I think G20 is mainly the summit site to see coming from Lanzhou Ruan uncle, son in Hangzhou, he first came to Hangzhou, nominally to the Mid Autumn Festival, in fact, the G20 summit, constantly flashed in the television picture, the golden sun of the Qian Tang river. The "Golden Globe", deeply attracted him. Although these days it rains in Hangzhou, can not see the moon, but it did not affect the mood of Uncle ruan. Hangzhou is the same as the moon with Lanzhou, but the city where the son, held such a well-known meeting, I mainly want to see the scene of the G20 summit." My uncle looked at the big ball side, said excitedly, his son to work overtime today, noon meal, drive and put him in the Qianjiang New City, "I asked to pick 4 points can not be this afternoon? There’s nothing else. I was in the city balcony, where not to go, so many national leaders to see the scenery, one-time to read. After dinner, and then watch the light show with his son." The same from Gansu, the same standing on the balcony of the city of Wang Pengfei, has come to the city balcony 6 days. He is Greentown property security, G20 summit, city tourists jumped the balcony, he was transferred to duty here. The mid autumn festival that night of rain, there is still a lot of people to the city balcony umbrella in the rain, he was back in hand, stand erect in the city a few hours on the balcony. These two days of a cold, had to rest, but also encountered the Qian Tang River tide, tidal transit tourists and storm surge, he can only continue on duty. Yesterday, Wang Pengfei was asked most of the sentence is: what tide? Yibobo tourists come and go, some night visitors did not see more of the tide, from time to time to ask Wang: what time tomorrow tide from city balcony? Wang looked at the watch, press the cough back: 40 minutes later than today…… The volunteers picking up trash, the tour guide reminded visitors now littering the situation much better recently, Qianjiang new visitors see the light show, throw garbage everywhere, became hot news. Several young people together qianjiangxincheng picking up trash, picked up a total of 158 bottles, the expression of love for the city. Yesterday, I saw the sun"相关的主题文章: