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Guizhou province this year, law enforcement officers recruiting civil servants public subject written examination scores released – Guizhou channel — original title: from now on, candidates can access the Internet result in October 13th, reporters from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security examination was informed that police officers and civil servants recruited the public subject written examination achievement this year have been released. From now on, the examinee may enter the Guizhou personnel examination information network () to inquire the written examination result. It is understood that this year, our province plans to recruit 222 political and law police officers, more than 8000 people participated in the written test, the competition ratio is about 37:1. Candidates for examination scores have doubts about my written test results, can apply for a check in the prescribed time. Check time: October 19th 9:00 a.m. – 11:30, 14:30 p.m. – 16:30. Check: to check the candidates holding the admission ticket within the specified time, valid identity card to the talent market (Guiyang City Sau Road No. 18) 10 building 1002 room check fill in the application form, pay the staff inspection, October 20th 9:00-11:30 to check office to receive search results. On the basis of the results of the examination after the change of candidates, unified in Guizhou personnel examination information network publicity. And the results of the subject of education entrance examination, to be announced after the end of the Ministry of education, announced separately. ((Yao Dong): Luo Lian, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing)

贵州省今年政法干警招录公务员公共科目笔试成绩出炉–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:即日起,考生可上网查阅成绩 10月13日,记者从省人力资源和社会保障厅考试院获悉,今年政法干警招录公务员公共科目笔试成绩已经出炉。即日起,考生可登陆贵州人事考试信息网()查询笔试成绩。 据了解,今年我省计划招录政法干警222人,有8000多人参加笔试,竞争比例约为37:1。 查分考生对本人笔试成绩有疑义的,可在规定时间申请查分。查分时间:10月19日上午9:00―11:30,下午14:30―16:30。 查分办法:需查分的考生在规定时间内持笔试准考证、有效居民身份证到省人才市场(贵阳市毓秀路18号)10楼1002房间填写查分申请表,交工作人员查阅,10月20日9:00-11:30到查分处领取查分结果。对经查分后成绩变动的考生,统一在贵州人事考试信息网进行公示。 而有关教育入学考试科目的成绩,待教育部阅卷结束后,另行公布。(姚东) (责编:罗炼、陈康清)相关的主题文章: