Game boy 8 smallpox Grandma lost 12000 yuan hard-earned money beself

"Game boy" 8 smallpox lost grandma $12000 "hard-earned money" this year, Kiki, a 13 year old (a pseudonym), and a high school in the county of grade 14 classes. October 7, 2016 to 15, after she unknowingly, Kiki unexpectedly grandma’s bank card binding at home do not often use the mobile phone on the Internet, playing a man named Cross Fire: a king of the mobile phone game. In just 8 days time, Kiki through WeChat to buy game equipment, diamond and other red envelopes to pay for the game to spend, secretly spent more than $12000 grandmother hard-earned money". Grandmother spent youth obsessed with the game of bank card more than 12000 yuan money "began to feel fun just to play it, then I think people (online game player) equipment is too poor, do not take me to play, I secretly use grandma bank card money to buy equipment, recharge diamond." Kiki said, in addition to $2400 WeChat red envelopes to a named "listen" to the game player to buy game virtual items, the remaining nearly million yuan, mainly for game companies to buy games and equipment "diamond by WeChat payment". "With the Kiki game blunder by grandma, have been crying more than, the mood is very low!" According to Kiki, the person in charge of the school, Kiki has a sister named Hui Hui (a pseudonym), the brother and sister and grandma has been living together, because their father a few years ago has huge foreign debt owed gambling debt in the country, has been without hearing a word about mother angrily left, go out. Now, more than and 60 year old grandmother with grandchildren, life. "This money is what I picked up to earn, and now it was the grandson to defeat the light, and the days of the future how ah!" According to the old man, she has 67 years old, and suffering from a variety of diseases, more than a decade ago after his wife died, his son and his family live together. Who knows the weather is unpredictable, in 2012, because the son contracted gambling habit, not only lost all his possessions at home, but also carrying a family to relatives and friends everywhere to borrow money, and finally even the only home house was lost, but also owed millions of dollars in debt. "That raise children to old age, can not think today is such an outcome, now do not know his son out to the news, wife ran away from home, left two grandchildren to really do not know how to raise it." Grandmother cried, in order to put up two grandchildren, she can only live frugally, usually on the junk to sell some money to live; ill can eat some cheap drugs to cope with. "For more than four years, they live so hard." And County Legal Aid Center: to provide legal aid to help her grandmother through the storm Kiki family is very special, it is very difficult, we would like to ask the judiciary to help this difficult family!" Kiki’s school official said, the school is very sympathetic to the family, can not bear to grandma’s hard-earned money that had gone, so the school has found the County Bureau of Justice Legal Aid Center, ask them to help Grandma an activist, to recover the hard-earned money". According to Li Zhaoguang, director of the County Legal Aid Center, Kiki belongs to minors, so he belongs to limit the ability of civil conduct, and only with their own body.相关的主题文章: