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From the big brother female doctor, robotic company CEO, their products into the artifact – Sohu technology with the development of the manufacturing labor costs continue to rise, promote the industrial robot industry 4, will undoubtedly become a major trend in the future. Take iPhone for example, iPhone 6 before all the cameras are manual assembly; but from the beginning of iPhone 6, Apple Corp requires the use of mechanical arm installation. Robots are far more efficient and accurate than humans, making them a major trend in the labor intensive industry. The whole industry is in a period of rapid growth, but the production and operation of these machines become a gap, and to make up for this gap requires robot education. (operating arm) Zhang Yao attended Columbia University economic and education PhD, during his tenure in venture capital institutions, occasionally attended a FRC robot contest, is completely the scene of the fire — this is a completely open challenge and innovation type. Each robot project in the process of the implementation of the need for a company, such as the prototype of the pool of talent to work together: CEO led research and development direction, creative designers, engineers to achieve each specific steps, etc.. FRC competition completely beyond the competition between the robot, the robot is behind the victory for team members to innovate, unity of strategy and collaboration. (FRC International Youth scene Robot Challenge) FRC’s all this let Zhang Yao see the robot industry will burst "innovation" prairie fire, and she has been obsessed with "innovation" two words, cannot do without her understanding of economic growth: "a country’s economic growth is promoted the efficiency of human capital, to improve the efficiency of the breakthrough, we must rely on innovation to reduce costs. How to innovate? I think that accepting innovative education is the foundation of all this." Robot education is the best entry point for innovative education. Zhang Yao was encouraged to think, it is better to start looking like a similar FRC contest. Similar games require a lot of robot products. Who is the product supplier? Sell what? What customers Tucao and dissatisfaction? How to improve it? After figuring out these problems, in 2014, Zhang Yao began her life’s second venture, set up too spicy radish. (spicy radish is homophonic American company name) today, the spy will take you into spicy radish in Silicon Valley R & D center, an exclusive interview with Zhang Yao and her team. Prior to this, Zhang Yao has been the first company to enter the field of entrepreneurship education success in the field of subdivision of the top 10, to achieve financial freedom of her, but chose to go to Columbia University to complete her doctorate. Also in the quiet of the paper for three years, she learned that a person needs very little material, the most valuable resource or time. After knowing the limitations of her time, she kept asking herself, "Then What?" and then what? A comb (left) interview with CEO Zhang Yao (in) and Sui Shaolong COO (right) Then What? The answer is probably too spicy radish. Radish is too spicy相关的主题文章: