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"Forever on the road" episode sixth: the joint production of deputy level cadres corruption 120 million cash and 68 sets of real estate – Beijing, 8 episode TV documentary "forever on the road" by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Propaganda Department of CCTV. The crew has been to 22 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), taking more than and 40 typical cases, with more than 70 domestic and foreign experts and scholars, the discipline of cadres, Su Rong, Zhou Benshun, Li Chuncheng interviewed more than 10 due to serious violation of law and sacked the provincial and ministerial level officials, some typical case analysis about some the vivid story of supervision and discipline. Today sixth episodes "flies" corruption, with the view of it. News: according to the central deployment, the central inspection group in March this year to May this year launched the first round of inspections, just yesterday, 13 central inspection teams have all patrol areas and units to be the feedback of the inspection situation, the first round of inspections found…… In July 2014, the central inspection team announced the list of issues, pointed out that some local "Little Giant official corruption problem is serious, grassroots corruption can not be ignored," grassroots anti-corruption situation is grim". October, a new round of inspections announced the list of problems, flies corruption, grassroots corruption, small official giant rot and other words appear again high frequency. At the same time, a series of cases have been reported throughout the country, has aroused great concern of the whole society. From these cases is not difficult to find, Party members and cadres are from the beginning of the illegal violation, breaking the law and discipline must. Therefore, we must discipline to the front, so that strict discipline in the law, Ji before the law. Where the director of the neighborhood committee of a community in Xi’an, the use of community demolition projects for their own profit, a single bribe amounted to 50 million, involving a total amount of up to $120 million. Beijing City, Chaoyang District Sun Xiang former party secretary Ji Haiyi bribery 9000 yuan. Haidian District, northwest of the town of Chen Wanshou, Queen of the village accounting misappropriation of funds 119 million yuan. Ma Chaoqun, Hebei Qinhuangdao District of Beidaihe water supply general manager of the company, by 120 million cash, found home survey of 68 homes, 37 kilograms of gold. A deputy level cadres, by the hands of the water right, even to such a huge amount of corruption, a public debate. In the central inspection team released a list of problems, Hebei is a small official giant rot problem in one of the regions. According to the inspection feedback, Hebei around the "Little Giant official corruption problem to carry out a special governance, from land development, city construction, water supply, 10 village official corruption prone areas of focus problem, clean up to investigate and discipline violations. Chen Chaoying (Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection): from now investigating the situation, some let us are also shocking. We carry out this (special) action for a year, filing has nearly 10 thousand, more than 9 thousand, from now on has been investigated and dealt with a total of more than 6 thousand people, over 1 million, over 10 million of the 31. These people are very low level, but the number of their greed is amazing. The "Little Giant official corruption cases, the formation of official rank and shock effect involving strong contrast, serious reminder of grassroots corruption.相关的主题文章: