Foreign businesses are kindergarten Halloween lucky parents worried (video)

Foreign businesses are kindergarten "Halloween" lucky parents worried yesterday, Nanjing a kindergarten children’s parents posting said: "foreign to take Halloween, Halloween costumes and props, I ah, is not the winter solstice also want to take the paper money to burn the kindergarten?" Yangzi Evening News reporter yesterday visited several shopping malls in Nanjing found that a lot of Kindergarten Parents with children to buy Halloween props, are said to be the layout of kindergarten operations. Some parents said puzzled: why kindergarten for preschool children are so "western" education? Parents are tangled: so scary things, buy or not to buy? Yangzi Evening News reporter contacted the post that his parents, the children go to school in a kindergarten near Nanjing East Street, the park in recent years, basically every day will, in addition to a national holiday, the Dragon Boat Festival, the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, China Chongyang, foreign Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween is basically a fall. The problem is, the annual festivals are the parents of children ready for all kinds of props to decorate the classroom environment, heighten the festive atmosphere, "every festival is over, the layout of the props thrown away, second years to buy, it is not obvious to toss and waste?" Another child’s mother said, Thanksgiving, Christmas, these foreign festivals have been even, Halloween is a ghost? Check the Baidu, said foreign Halloween, as God sharper scare to tease others, for preschool children, the day is not a "quick", education oriented also not ah. If even foreign Halloween had, then, China traditional winter solstice and the "seven moon", is not to let the children take money to the kindergarten to cook? A return to the parents of Mr. Zhang believes that he had been invited to participate in a friend’s house in the United States Halloween party, to be honest, when the atmosphere is really very hi, foreigners will engage in atmosphere. But as an adult, I still can’t stand up to create a terrorist atmosphere after the ghosts, masquerade more scary than." Zhang said that this is a unique Western culture and tradition, after years of heritage and heritage, adults, children have long been accustomed to. But the western festival of the East, after all, the existence of cultural differences. If only for the children to play, but let the home grown unashamedly, is fed down businesses, parents appetite, also let the children know the so-called, and even counterproductive, there is little The loss outweighs the gain. Businesses in the titter: every section purchase wrong or not, are the parents earn money yesterday, Yangzi Evening News reporters came to Nanjing Xinjiekou Golden Eagle supermarket and East B&Q, see the Halloween decorations commodity counter varieties packed with customers, a superb collection of beautiful things, one asked, 80% parents of children, and more than half of parents of the kindergarten children. At B&Q, a young couple holding a child just bought a set of Jack-O-Lantern children, shouting: "the teacher also want to buy clothes. Halloween mischief!" Another pair of parents to face masks tangled: this ugly faces, adults looked a bit nervous, not to mention the child?" The boss told reporters, before Christmas to sell, now what Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, April Fool’s day, Easter is happy ", do the festival business how to make the past, just do相关的主题文章: