Food and Drug Administration announced pure water, frozen food, such as 10 batches of substandard fo-k9084

The food and Drug Administration notice of pure water, frozen food and other 10 batches of substandard food in Chongqing city food and Drug Administration recently sampling biscuits, catering and food, tea and related products, food products and other 26 categories of food 493 batches of samples, sample inspection items of qualified 483 batches of samples, the pure water, frozen food and other 10 batches of substandard the food, pure water have 4 batches of substandard. The sampling found 4 batches of substandard water respectively: Rongchang Hongyuan County Water Resources Development Limited production of pure drinking water, Qinglong village Pengshui County Qinglong beverage limited liability company production of natural drinking water, Chongqing City dual alloy drinks limited liability company production of double barreled pure water, Chongqing Jiyuan telefield beverage development limited liability company production telefield Jinpen bottled drinking water were detected in Pseudomonas aeruginosa exceed the standard. The other 6 batches of substandard food are: Chongqing build a food limited production of hamburger was sweetener saccharin sodium, Chongqing Shizhu Tan total beef stewed beef on Water Margin colony processing plant detection values exceed the standard, Chongqing good Guido food limited production of Fresh Chicken MSG seasoning day saccharin sodium detection values exceed the standard. Chongqing City Bishan column food processing factory to produce polycrystalline ice colour value of the detected value exceed the standard, Chongqing qiankai Food Co. Ltd. Chiba tofu production of total bacterial count and coliform detection values exceed the standard, Jiangjin District of Chongqing Honghai winery production Jiangjin liquor 50%vol value exceed the standard detection of cyanide. To find the sampling of substandard products, the Chongqing Municipal Food and drug administration has asked the food and drug supervision departments according to China’s food safety law on the production and operation of enterprises shall be investigated according to law, and has taken measures to control risk, identify the product to recall substandard products off the shelf, cause analysis and corrective actions. According to Xinhua News Agency (Chongqing business daily)相关的主题文章: