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Automobiles We can see that every month, gas prices seem to get higher and higher. Unfortunately, gas has become a necessity that often we try and save on other things to buy more gas. What most people especially drivers take for granted is that by driving efficiently, you can save a lot of money. Here are some few tips and pointers on efficient driving. Common sense will tell us that regularly tuning the internal combustion engine is the best way to keep our engines consuming fuel more efficiently; but we often just have this check when problems occur. It is true that most engines need to warm up before hitting the gas pedal. The problem is having it idle for longer than this warm up period. Check the manual of your car on how long should it be warming up before you can drive it. I have read studies that tell that the most efficient speed to run your vehicle is within 75 to 90 Kph. Driving slower or faster than this estimates will still burn the same amount of fuel with less distance travelled. Do or schedule regular check-ups for your car to prevent any major car problems. A vehicle which is not running efficiently may consume up to 25% more fuel. Another great tip is planning your trips ahead of time. Make a route plan before the day of your trip. Have in mind the time you are leaving and the roads you will go through. This is particular with trying to avoid heavy traffic areas. Thinking of alternate routes ahead is also a great plan to have. Try and keep a constant speed. Also try to reduce your speed at the said efficient mark of 75 to 90 Kph. Fuel economy can go up to 25% when doing this. Efficient drivers know how to anticipate stops like for example on toll gates or looking ahead at stop lights. Taking your foot of the gas pedal and letting inertia move you till you stop is a great way to save fuel. Learn how to drive well by perfecting your shifting skills. A good efficient driver knows how to shift to higher gears without stressing much the engine. This saves fuel as well. People also say that when gassing up, try and do this during the morning where the temperature is cooler. Well they say that it adds up 3% to 6% on the fuel loaded. I have not really checked this though. Keep your gas tank cap tightened to avoid fuel spillage or evaporation issues. You should avoid jack rabbit starts as if you are in a drag race. It is said that gradual acceleration versus jack rabbit starts can save you as much as one kilometer per liter. Minimize the load in your vehicle. If you do not have to carry any other objects in your car, then just leave it at home. Additional weight will ask the engine to run with more power thus consuming more fuel. Some may say that these tips do not work, some will say they do. It is up to you if you would consider saving money on gas consumption. It does not hurt to use these tips and they basically go with safe driving. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: