Early warning and insurance, tachograph how to outmaneuver cross-border Sohu Technology darren hayes

Early warning and insurance, tachograph how to outmaneuver cross-border Sohu technology Mr. Geek for you every day to select the most important information to raise the public to use big data to tell you at home and abroad to raise the public market last week 5 or 7 amidst the winds of change list details on top of the Jingdong to raise public financing after 2 days fell to second, with a total of two major foreign platform open multiple gap. The comparison between the "smart" category of travel industry in this recently several explosion models help, successfully obtained seven financing first. "Digital and peripheral" dropped second, unmanned aerial vehicles, like a flash in the pan, missed the industry’s top 3, replaced by the home and security. Nearly seven days after the first and the funding gap is obvious. When it comes to the rise of smart travel today list protagonist intelligent driving safety early warning system of the dog N2, which is a set of driving record and remind driving cross-border products, project launched a full stall the car safety, to express their confidence in the safety system. Seen from the figure, the first 2 files have been sold out. The project is the No. 23 line Taobao chips, which in 5 days for total capital inflows million from the first Tencent, only 30 thousand of the gap between the eyes of God, the rest 3 days, not a problem beyond. The interesting thing is that the first generation of products of the project has received third of the same kind of products in the total financing. It looks like the dog N2 this is prepared, there is a generation of reputation, with sell their own qualities and feelings, who know can ring to the new powder, earn a pen? The net in financing in order to achieve the goal of lifting a wandering Geek Jun noticed the dog N2 in the front of the line items 16 to 20 in various media platform publicity campaign, high resolution camera in the details page stressed that he called ADAS, and 2.7 seconds of pre alarm. And posted the use of user experience. GeeK Jun is not very understanding, but these settings are more or less induced to eat melon suspects. Perhaps the industry standard is 2.8 seconds? Nobody knows, nobody cares. Geek Jun small classroom on the project: "confirmation of preheating: apply for change" after entering the project release, "preheat" state, this time during the warm-up period you can always click "apply for change", modify any information about the price, return time, fundraising, video title, description etc.. Note: after the project on the line, in addition to raise the amount of funds, date, return can not be changed, the other content can be optimized on the line by the promoters themselves. Set up frequently asked questions: you can click on the "set FAQ" to focus on answering questions or buyers are more concerned about the common problems, that is, Q& A Q & A. Note: any change or the release action, are two through the audit, the seller to click "confirm" will be released in the foreground display. For more details about our visit: micro-blog: @ V I concern geeks horizon相关的主题文章: