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The use of the VR glasses experience adverse reactions – Sohu digital mobile phone China [news] VR glasses has to meet the user’s desire to explore the virtual world, it can bring into any one can simulate the space tour in a world of fantasy. However, the use of VR glasses may be the first time on drug abuse, the recent Guangzhou Narcotics Control Commission in the development of anti drug education, in particular the preparation of VR glasses, the purpose is to let everyone feel the real adverse drug reactions in the virtual. This equipment not only VR glasses, VR glasses, is also equipped with a headset and pulsating defibrillator, will play the screen glasses, how the drug after the sense of vertigo, the pulsating defibrillator will let his arm numb, a bite of the feeling, causes the body to uncontrolled seizures. After the experience of the people are said to have dizziness, there is a clear sense of discomfort, it seems that this VR drug is indeed very effective. But VR is a major feature of glasses will let users feel dizzy, which is several VR glasses developers are committed to tackling the problem, but with the characteristics of real experience so that the public perception of drugs to stay away from drugs, it is very worthwhile.相关的主题文章: