Dr. Mo Jobs may not like the new airpods dataload

Mossberg: Jobs may not love this new AirPods the love child norm in the just concluded the apple press conference, Apple introduced the new iPhone highly anticipated 7, although this year the launch of the iPhone 7 are the same as in previous years have many functional improvements, but there is a little more interesting, is that Apple canceled 3.5mm headset interface, and launched a new wireless headset AirPods. The Verge, executive editor of technology review, engaged in more than 20 years of Walter · Moss; Berg (Walt Mossberg, commonly known as Dr. Mo) believes that if Jobs is alive, he may not necessarily love this new product. (Dr. Mo and Jobs photograph: www.theverge) Jobs had a chat with him have been talking about the wireless headset problem, Jobs said: do you want (a mobile phone) second devices need to be charged? Mo pointed out that the trouble charging equipment can only live for five hours, may even be unable to insist on a trip to international flights. While another apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) in August had received the Australian Financial Review newspaper interview mentioned that consumers may accidentally lost 3.5mm headset adapter and annoyed. But Apple’s design has been trying to subvert the consumer habits, almost every time it will lead to Apple users complain about social media, is good or bad or time to verify.相关的主题文章: