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Double photo + hyperbolic foreign media explosion millet Note2 rendering – Sohu Note2 [IT168] with the time approaching, millet news is also increasing. As before the millet co-founder Li Wanqiang in micro-blog said millet will enter the high-end mobile phone market this year, and this year as the ending of the war millet flagship product, millet Note2 has received a lot of attention. Recently, foreign media exposure of a group of millet Note2 renderings. From the picture point of view, double screen and double screen camera is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of millet Note2. Specific release time, may be expected to have the fastest official debut in early September. From the picture, Note2 millet is the biggest highlight of the hyperboloid screen, positive overall perception is a bit like the Samsung S7 Edge dual camera and behind the completely flat and the body, no prominent phenomenon. At the same time, according to micro-blog exposure renderings show that millet Note 2 will not only uses a double screen, and mobile phone is still the front at the top of symmetrical white type, the bottom of the touch screen is a physical Home button strip, and the integration of fingerprint identification function. In terms of hardware, according to reports, millet or Note2 equipped Xiaolong 821 processor, the overall operation ability compared Xiaolong 820 increased by 10%, memory is the first use of 6GB memory to run +128GB storage fuselage. Of course, the above configuration information should be true in half. As for other functions, is rumored to be loaded with 12 million pixel camera and supports ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, Hi-Fi2.0 audio and ES9028 chips, will use the USB Type-C interface, and is equipped with 4000 Ma battery.相关的主题文章: