Don’t drive down the car intelligent machine C1 chips light lining

Don’t drive down the car intelligent light machine lining C1 to raise the public car using a mobile phone, has become the leading cause of traffic accidents! At the same time is the leading cause of death! According to Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other places of the Traffic Management Bureau of statistics, nearly 30% of the traffic accidents caused by driving with mobile phone: send information (WeChat), navigation, calls are the three main reasons. Look down the phone for more than 2 seconds, equivalent to more than 30 meters away from the blind, resulting in increased risk of traffic accidents by up to 3 times. At the drive bow to the family, Shenzhen Zhi to Technology Co., launched a specially designed car lining machine C1 intelligent light: the integration of online navigation, driving records, online music and Bluetooth phone and other traffic essential functions, and use of innovative products and form new user interface, allowing the owners not to drive down! The car inside C1 can be directly placed in the centre console, which is used to buy completely without removing the original car damage. The owners only need to look straight ahead you can get all the information, no need to use a mobile phone or the like intelligent rear-view mirror down or up.   full control operation plus similar to the multifunction steering wheel shuttle controller, can let the owners do not have to divert attention and move the position of the hand with the thumb, only slight movements (judging by different touch keys) to complete control. This new mode of operation is more in line with the driving state. In addition, to research a new intellectual beauty GoSmart desktop, to achieve a single level interaction: no second level menu, you can display all the information on the main interface, without the second step operation, one step can achieve the main function in the process of driving set.     at present, the car intelligent machine is Taobao C1 lining light all the chips, to raise the public price of 1299 each, also contains 2 years unlimited free flow 4G. It is reported that the first week of the target car lining C1 all raised has reached 470%, the current excess further identification chips. Public address: id=20050236&相关的主题文章: