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Don’t dally doctor, can you be pregnant? Please have the health – Sohu [doctor] spring doctors heavy build a live interactive columns, invited from the major hospital doctors top departments, answering questions, interact with everyone, pay attention to the rain doctor APP, or WeChat spring doctor public number (springraindoctor), to get the a new phase of expert information. Everyone knows about contraception, but most people don’t know how to use it scientifically and effectively. National Day holiday approaching, how to ensure the safety of passion? This period [please doctor] we specially invite experts in the field of gender studies professor Ma Xiaonian to explain in detail some of the common contraceptive errors. Pregnancy is how to return a responsibility? Is the egg in the fallopian tube and sperm meet fertilization, and then fertilized eggs back to the uterus during implantation installation, completes the process of pregnancy. Q: after a bath, clean down, or bounce, can make the sperm discharged? Can not. The small tadpole very strong vitality and tenacity, before cleaning or jumping, sperm may have eggs and combination, also through the clean down and can not be cleaned, fierce jump cannot be injected into the body excreted sperm. Q: the man said: I do not go in, outside, not pregnant. Can I believe this? Can not. Sperm is very active, even if the male sperm shot in the female genitals, may also cause female pregnancy. The vitality of ultra tenacious sperm will be their own activities to the female body, complete with the egg. Besides, sometimes men just talk about it, it will really enter. Q: fast ejaculation, pull out, will not let the other party pregnant? Wrong, may lead to pregnancy. When in love, without previous set of words, may have a small amount of sperm into the female body, even a small amount of sperm, can also cause pregnant women. So the safest way to do this is to take a condom with you in the first place. Q: don’t want to get pregnant, in safe sex, must not be caught? Do not fly. First we need to know what is the safety period. In short, women with normal menstruation, ovulation is generally in the next 14 days before menstruation, ovulation day after the first day of the period of 4 ~ 5 days (easy to conceive), other time can be regarded as a safe period. But it should be noted that the safety period is relatively safe. If a person is very regular menstruation, then the safety period is very good confirmation, corresponding to the success rate of the safety period will be higher. If a person is menstruation is not normal, such as early or delayed menstruation often, time is not the law, then her ovulation will not fixed, can not accurately determine the day or during this period of time is not a safe period. Safe pregnancy is also very likely. So just want to use the safe period contraception is not reliable method, is not recommended. Q: oral contraceptives will gain weight? Can cause cancer? Would not. Many people worry that the pill will lead to weight gain, in fact, the phenomenon of obesity is rare. Adrenal cortical hormone drugs e相关的主题文章: