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The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to investigate 81 cases of violation of the provisions of the eight mental problems – Beijing, Beijing City, Beijing City reported 4 violations of the central eight factory issued Tianjin illegal subsidies 1 provisions of the spirit of Haidian District sanitation vehicle repair service center. In December 2015, the factory Party branch secretary Xue Fakui, deputy director of the director Zhao Xiaoxia, Yu Yantao et al., the balance of 18 thousand yuan as a reward to the individual members of the team. 3 were subject to Party warning. 2 Shijingshan District Urban Management Bureau five wulituo Street enforcement team captain Gao Xu accepting illegal gifts problems. Gao Xu violation of management objects donated 11 shopping cards, a total of 11 thousand yuan. Gao Xu by the party a serious warning. 3 Fengtai District street Majiabao Jiayuan community committees issued Tianjin illegal subsidies. The residents of the neighborhood of 60 thousand yuan of funds used for collective activities, the issuance of grants, sympathy, overtime dinner, etc.. Wang Liying, director of the neighborhood committee by the party a serious warning, neighborhood party secretary Zhang Lijuan, deputy director of the party warning by the party, respectively, by the. 4 Yanqing district health supervision director Liu Manhong and other office space over the problem. The director of the Liu Manhong office building a total area of 33.69 square meters, exceed the standard 15.69 square meters; the Party branch secretary and deputy director He Xin, office building a total area of 50.73 square meters, exceed the standard 41.73 square meters; deputy director Chen Ping, Wu Chunlei, director of the office of Liu Encun, office building area of 31.66 square meters, exceed the standard respectively. 22.66 square meters. Liu Manhong by the party a serious warning, He Xin, and so on, and then, respectively, by the party warning, respectively, by the side of the party, and then, respectively, by the party warning, and so on, and so on, respectively, by the party warning. (Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection) Tianjin Tianjin bulletin 5 from the central eight provisions violate the spirit of the 1 Binhai New Area of Dagang Oilfield fourth middle school principal Zhao Zengqiang violations make arrangements for his son. Zhao Zengqiang in the wedding day, arrange the employees to make arrangements for the wedding. After the wedding, 59 teachers accepting illegal gifts, totaling 13 thousand and 600 yuan, resulting in adverse social impact. June 2016, Zhao Zengqiang by the party warning. 2 Tianjin radio and television network Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Li Weimin illegal organization of public funds, public funds tourism. Li Weimin served in the company of Jinnan branch manager during the annual meeting and the organization of workers in a hotel dinner, spent 40 thousand yuan of public funds; organized 68 workers in two batches to Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Leshan and other places to travel, spend public funds more than 35 yuan. August 2016, Li Weimin by the party a serious warning. The 3 District of Baodi Xinhua Bookstore Co., former deputy manager Li Guoli illegal gift of public funds and other issues. Li Guoli presided over the work, with their consent, the illegal use of public funds to buy cash card for gifts, totaling 42 thousand yuan; in bonuses, duty fees in the name of spamming allowances and subsidies, a total of more than 4.7 yuan. At the same time, Li Guoli also has other disciplinary problems. In July 2016, Li Guoli has been expelled from the party. 4, deputy director of Industrial and Commercial Bureau Pang Xu, former director of Dongli branch Jia Qiusheng spamming money and other issues. Study on the office of the Secretary for the Bureau相关的主题文章: