Deyang woman night hit and killed families yearn to provide clues (map) (video)

Deyang woman night hit and killed families yearn to provide clues (map) on Thursday night (20 days), Guanghan (micro-blog) Gaoping town into a traffic accident escaping cases Tak road. Families of the victims of the accident is currently looking for clues to the accident, hoping to bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible. 7 on the evening of 20, at the intersection of Guanghan section of Chengde Avenue Park dragon village of a group, a woman who had died in the zebra crossing. According to the first rushed to the scene of the deceased Secretary Mr. description, then the accident scene is very tragic. Emily said, he arrived to find the person has been knocked deformed, distorted the whole body, face down, rushed to the scene after the 120 victim has died. The doctor to identify the right leg fracture, may have suffered crushing, the head also dented. Because the accident occurred when it was already dark, but also under a light rain, pedestrians scarce on the road, which provides a good cover for the vehicle fled the scene. Even the first call the villagers Mr. Shaw, did not see the vehicle, leaving the scene of the vehicle a few pieces of debris scattered fog. The villagers said that although the intersection of already installed lights, but because there is no monitoring, traffic red light phenomenon is very common, reporters at the scene observed a few minutes several cars ignore traffic lights into the past. The villagers also reflects, on the second day after the woman had died, and the road traffic accident happened, one from Shifang (micro-blog) back to the vegetables aunt riding a tricycle zebra crossing, a car hit a tricycle tail, the injuries are not serious. Due to the incident belongs to the monitoring section of the blind area, the local police are still looking for clues to the accident, the families of the victims also hope that through the media, looking for witnesses to provide clues to the accident, as soon as possible to lock the vehicle. If a witness happens to grasp the relevant clues, please call the deceased’s family phone: 13689664171, or direct contact with the local police. Also hope that the relevant departments as soon as possible to improve the monitoring facilities of the road, to avoid such tragedy happen again. Deyang (micro-blog) radio and television journalist Yang Xianlong Liu Xingyu editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading "bow" at the Guangdong tragedy brewing man mobile phone mobile phone hit and killed the driver to escape相关的主题文章: