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The depth of | in Doppler computer into the ears, the sound has never been so smart – Sohu of science and technology Lei Feng: net according to the headset in our usual way of thinking, it seems only music and smart devices connected together equipment. The Doppler Labs do not think so, not so much that it is a headset, it is better to say that it is a computer – it’s intelligence, has gone beyond the usual definition of our headphones. This article source Fastcoexist, the author Harry Mccracken, by Lei Feng (search "network" public concern) exclusive compiler, without permission refused to reprint. When Doppler Labs co-founder and CEO Noah Kraft approached me, I was wearing a Doppler Labs to build smart headphones, listening to his speech. We were in the dining room, surrounded by a lot of noise and noisy voices everywhere. I couldn’t hear him clearly. But all of a sudden, the noise disappeared and Kraft’s voice began to clear. It sounds a bit magical, because in fact, we are not in the restaurant, and in the Doppler headquarters in San Francisco, all the voices are simulated. These voices hit my ears, and then disappeared, this experience is very good. This is Doppler’s trick, they build a set of headphones, microphones, circuit as one device, so that people put on this device into a new world. Now, Doppler will make this trick out of the lab and into the homes of ordinary people, so that ordinary users can experience the cool technology. In November this year, Here One headphones will be available for sale, priced at $300, can connect smart phones, download music, but also answer the phone. At the same time, it is equipped with an adaptive filter, you can determine the type of sound, and selective elimination, rather than the entire band removed. It can use the device filter specific sound, masked those maddening noise (such as child screaming, voice, and colleagues of the chatter without stop) according to the different parameters (such as location) choose different voice filtering device. In addition, the headset can also be added for voice, let a simple community club concert into high-end music, let you in on the tall hall. And if you are already in the hall, it can let you hear the real-time comment on the audience, even lets you hear the musicians behind the conversation. But if you’re running in noisy on the road, it will roar into the baseball game and cheers. Hierarchical auditory Secrets: AR Here One headset is very smart, Doppler labs said that users with special App can be very detailed custom settings on the headset, but also according to the user’s special optimization. At the same time other filtering noise Here One to preserve the car horn. In addition, can also be some voices sing相关的主题文章: