Denon eight HUAWEI mate 9 the best but do not insist on Xu Zhu sunny came home

Denon eight HUAWEI Mate 9: the best of the demand but a chance with Cheng Yuan while text talk Jane long Bureau, if you want to use "eight guardians" in the role of analogy of HUAWEI Mate 9, while thinking may be the most appropriate choice. While HUAWEI this time in the domestic conference Mate 9, including an invitation from the first Mate to today’s Mate Medal: "double photo: HUAWEI will enumerate the Mate family medal in November 14th China released Mate 9". However, in the era of Mate and Mate 2, HUAWEI may just want to do a big screen phone. Mate from 0 to 9 he initially as a Shaolin disciple, only the acquisition of "arhat boxing" and "King palm" for self defence. Mate series of original mesh and two mesh generation can be basically analogy this two martial arts, all two Shaolin disciple will learn basic skills, although simple but excellent martial arts foundation. When he was 24 years old with the master down the error while breaking Jane long chess game, without ya Zi seventy years, become a happy school head. By 2014 Mate 7 this step is probably the number jumped a bit, Mate series also achieved a life experience while. Integrated metal body + back fingerprint recognition, it seems no what color configuration in the iPhone 5S’s basic contempt Android camp there. That year, although HUAWEI does not necessarily have 70 years of internal force, but basically all of the resources injected into the body of Mate 7. The gander, HUAWEI may also not wanted Mate 7 opens business flagship Mate series on the road, and even had not caused by the fingerprint module supply Mate 7 hard to find a situation. Anyway, he eventually from when the Shaolin peripatetic head, and also met the lingjiu maidens. As in the body in a while "death symbol", and teach two Juexue — "Tianshan fold Meishou" and "the six Yang zhang". In Mate 7, HUAWEI successfully created a jazz life philosophy, and after the launch of the Mate (S and Mate 8 Meishou Tianshan fold) (Tianshan six Yang Zhang). In the launch of the Mate S transition period, due to the problem of product pricing and positioning, the impact of high price segment failure and rumors sales is not ideal. Mate series S in this stage seems like Xu Zhu Tianshan is generally under a "life and death", after three months until the launch of Mate 8 was able to return to the right path to inherit the Mate 7. Coincidentally, in the dragon eight, among them, Tianshan Yang Yang six is the key to solve the life and death. After Xu Zhu is in Tianshan and Li Qiushui rush was caught in the middle, as much as two people a hundred years of internal force. To today’s Mate 9 body, was sandwiched between Leica double photo and Porsche design, the Mate series seems to have encountered a masterpiece. According to this view mobile phone product line with the peripatetic martial arts really somewhat similar moves, can solve the key point of temporary relief, the fight is still deep internal force. In.相关的主题文章: