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Cui Yongyuan talk about depression how to get rid of depression Cui Yongyuan talk about depression, how to get rid of depression? Actor Qiao Renliang died because of depression Dutch act caused concern, Cui Yongyuan said that depression is not a shameful disease. Cui Yongyuan talk about depression, so how to get rid of depression? Let’s look at it. Cui Yongyuan on the evening of September 16th actor Qiao Renliang died of depression, caused a storm of public opinion. September 17th broker said through the media, revealed that Qiao Renliang died of suicide because of depression, and revealed some of his illness. In this regard, he has also been suffering from depression. Cui Yongyuan, on the Internet the number of bursts of the shared experience of depression. "As some of the public figures who suffer from depression have passed away, depression has become a familiar term for the public," he said. But in the public communication, depression and suicide linked too closely, in fact, depression is not equal to suicide. Although some patients with severe depression with suicidal tendencies, but also in the medical and psychological treatment to the first line of life and death struggle with vigorous strides. In the battle of life and death, the patient, the doctor and relatives colleagues are able to play an active role in holding the balance, only spectators crowd booing, have harm. Depression was going to desperate chance is not high than the lottery. Take it easy, believe me, when you get rid of the patient to return to the arena, you are a hero." How to identify depression, he said: "the correct answer is: you can not be sure, it is a professional doctor’s food. Well, when can I go to the doctor? Alas…… In fact, it is very common to see a psychologist in the developed countries. So, when you long time in anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, for nothing, people want to see social interest…… And you go shopping, travel, drink a little wine does not work, go to the doctor." Finally, Cui Yongyuan said: "there is always full of poetry that depression is a cold heart. In fact, the disease is a disease, which is so romantic. Treatment of depression and treatment of other diseases are different: one is to recognize the disease, two is to find a good doctor, and the other is with the treatment, and the four is to prevent recurrence. My personal experience is that some of the common knowledge about the symptoms of depression is too little, and the qualified doctors are seriously inadequate." Cui Yongyuan talked about how to get rid of depression in patients with depression often pessimistic, loss, lack of interest in things such as performance, serious when can also be so suicidal tendencies, which seriously affect the quality of life and health of patients in long-term depression can not extricate themselves, endless pain. So how to get rid of depression? Take a look at. How to get rid of depression to get out of the shadow of depression, try to do so: 1, do not give yourself up too high goals to objectively understand their situation, face their own illness, don’t give yourself too much pressure, don’t take too much of the transaction, but not all. 2, can be a big and complicated work reasonably divided into several small parts, according to the order of priority, and gradually completed; do not try to avoid failure, and heart grey.相关的主题文章: