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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual has not before that time the child, see who the child crying feel particularly annoying, while their mothers can coax children not to mind taking the trouble; what things to children as a priority. I think they are great, but the mother was very calm, said: "when you have a child, you know." Later, I have Rui Rui found that the mother said that is not true, I have become great. A woman with a child, will really change, will naturally take the child as the focus of their lives. Some mothers even put all their hopes on their children, so that children do a bit unsatisfactory, mom would be very disappointed. It is not only for the children, but also for all the people in the family. Mother over pay, others do not appreciate some day, you should do a little too many: take care of the children, cooking, cleaning, washing…… In short, you get home in order. Sometimes, when you cook, the water on the stove, the husband to help turn off the fire, you quickly shouted: "do not you, I come on the line." So you have a child hurried off to the kitchen fire. Sometimes her mother-in-law came to your house, the old man to see where chaos would like to help clean up, you think you can not let the old man, while holding the child, while doing housework. The mother, husband while looking at you now, peace of mind, because you do not want them to do. But one day, your body is uncomfortable, or the mood is not very good, you do not want to do what, like a person’s quiet. But when her husband did not see the ground and did not wash clothes, he gave you a temper: "what do you do a day? I work so hard every day, I would like to go home to do housework?" Mother will complain: "your daughter-in-law is really changed, before I was so good, now what do not live, I have an old woman to do, do ah." You have been paid for the home, slowly on the others as the rationale should be, once you do not, and that is your fault. Mother too much to pay, the child will never grow up to pay the mother to the child, on the one hand is the life, on the other hand there are emotional. Life, mother to child care in every possible way, the child is almost "clothing to hand, eat a ready-cooked meal", "at home. For a long time, once the child asked, if the mother feel irrational, is sure to be refused, the child will guarantee "explosion". You promised not to roll SAPO shamelessly, he don’t want to let him up. Mom do not think that this is a small child is not sensible, and so on, as the child grew up, you do not foster children from childhood sensible, do not expect the child to grow up and become mature. Emotionally, many mothers like to paint their children相关的主题文章: