Commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu’s debut exhibition in Egypt,

To commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of Shakespeare Tang Xianzu special exhibition debut Egypt original title: Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare to commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of the special exhibition held in Egypt (reporter Wang Xue) by the Ministry of culture, Beijing China Arts Center hosted the "cross time to commemorate Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare: the 400 anniversary of the death of the special exhibition", held in the evening of 5 Egypt Chinese cultural center. Representatives from both sides of the cultural, media and academia attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. "Life is drama, concentrating and refining, the two peak of the world drama Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare, in late sixteenth Century and early seventeenth Century also appeared in China and Britain, this is the miracle of the world drama history," China Embassy Cultural counsellor, director of Egypt Chinese cultural center Chen Dongyun at the opening ceremony of the exhibition to the guests introduction. "Although Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare have a different cultural background and life experience, but two people in thought are common, across time and space — praise for freedom and the pursuit of the liberation of humanity," Chen Dongyun said. The 10 day exhibition brings together some of the results of parallel and cross cultural studies at home and abroad, and explores the life experiences and literary achievements of Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare. In addition, the exhibition also through virtual reality (VR) technology, so that people feel the essence of Chinese culture 400 years ago, a taste of the charm of Chinese culture. Located in the corner of the exhibition hall VR glasses attracted many visitors. Wear glasses, people would like to return to 400 years ago the stage, can feel the China personally on the scene of Kunqu opera. Mohamed told reporters, Gerhard Chinese Students Department of Egypt ain shams University in fluent Chinese, "in this series of activities to commemorate Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare, I have a show, Tang Xianzu plays the hero in the play. It’s really exciting to be able to learn Chinese in the show and the show!" The Egyptian Press Association Cultural Committee Chairman Mahmoud Kamal said in an interview with reporters: "China has a splendid ancient civilization, worthy of understanding and learning in the world. Today, the first time I learned about a great Chinese playwright like Shakespeare, I was pleasantly surprised. I really want to be able to enjoy the Arabic translation version of Tang Xianzu’s works, but also hope that through my strength to spread and promote Chinese ancient culture."相关的主题文章: