Color adjustment test of Shenzhen Tong

Adjustment test of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the "quality" of the Sina Hong Kong columnist Zheng Lei WeChat public number (xlgg-sina) in the layout of the stage before the opening of the II, is bound to get low to high dance, into the city to grab chips. This market has ups and downs, so please good self grasp, clear their long and short-term strategy, adhere to the configuration of their own, not others. On Thursday, the Hong Kong stocks mentioned in the column on the day of more than 100 billion of the transaction will be a sign of a large scale through the start of the layout of the, the results of Friday’s trading volume of more than HK $. This may be allowed to participate in the Shenzhen Venture capital through the stimulation of the message. In fact, China is the most headache problem assets, although the asset allocation shortage, the insurance industry from their own interests, hoping to find out the assets, this is understandable. But still need to obey the overall arrangement. Last week, in accordance with the opening 75%, before 25000 gradually reduce the position to cash income, 40% of the plan, because on Friday the market burst up (over 24000 points, had reached more than 24 thousand and 300 points), "to lighten up operation in advance with the sheep game port A simulation, and the combination of" open part exceed the previous forecast target price position. The overall position was reduced to 65%. Yesterday due to the United States and the United States is expected to raise interest rates in the weekend, Hong Kong stocks follow the U.S. stocks fell 809 points, turnover of $about 90000000000. To further lighten up strategies that were planned to take advantage of the low collection of the subject shares callback, moderate opening. From Tuesday onwards, due to the Mid Autumn Festival, South Shanghai and Hong Kong through the channel to stop delivery of "ammunition", while the Fed last night known as "Pigeon" cloth Renard "assurance", Hong Kong stocks should believe today will recover part of the lost lost yesterday. Hong Kong stocks through the South Fund will wait until September 19th to re open, while Hong Kong stocks have 2 days trading time, this is a very good test of Shenzhen Tong color opportunity. This column has been that, even if Hong Kong stocks through daily net purchase of more than HK $6 billion, it is not a small cap stocks can set off a wave of revaluation of the value of the stock, and even the waves are not considered. This is just an indicator of the mainland funds to Hong Kong stocks enthusiasm. Tomorrow, cut off the official capital channel, how to look at the Hong Kong stock market and volume performance, can see under the water and in the end there is no more "A" undercurrent background retail funds "". In short, I have been convinced that the Fed did not raise interest rates in September conditions. And now, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the layout stage, I guess has entered into before the opening of the layout of the stage II, its characteristic is that almost all people have realized the significance of the early shilly-shally Shenzhen Tong, who is determined to participate in, and the market has come a lot of high. So before the opening stage of the layout of the II, it is inevitable that the high and low dance, think of ways to enter the market to grab chips. This market has ups and downs, so please good self grasp, clear their long and short-term strategy, adhere to the configuration of their own, not others. Simulation of combination on Friday after yesterday to lighten up, having good cheap chips so opening opportunities, Anta sports, Southern China City, synbiotics, China auto rental, ship defense, HKEx, Netdragon)相关的主题文章: