” chop hand ” see before secret double eleven merchant flicker promotional routine truffe

" chop hand " see before secret double eleven merchant flicker promotional routine "double eleven" is coming, the original meaning of "single dog" Happy Festival has evolved into the largest online shopping Carnival once a year, the electricity supplier courier delivery service, riveting Jin money, and small consumers, in a "discount sound" while the smile and pick pick. These days, a lot of posts on how to prevent the trap of online shopping, today, the king is about, about the eleven pairs of online shopping anti merchants flicker those strokes. Tips: how much money to buy coupons pumping iPhone examples: Mr. Lee in the online store to buy a computer, see a well-known brand of "pop up a $6800 computer to carry out full 1000 donated 100 yuan coupons activities (for me), reached 5000 yuan and also pumping iPhone6 mobile phone. He opened the link and found that the brand computer in line with their own requirements, and is promoting, so the purchase orders. When he opened the second page "gift details", found that the use of coupons are very harsh: the purchase of selected brands and one can only use 50 yuan, while the highest award iPhone6 pumping only a mobile phone, he did. Decomposition: a lot of people love to petty gain, but in the time of cheap may have entered the trap of others. Obviously, businesses in the ads on the use of a "camouflage" aroused Mr. Ma’s desire to buy. In the face of promotions and other words, consumers should consciously resist illegal operators super cheap, big gift temptation. Two tricks: false promotion case: Ms. Zhu is a well-known brand of jeans "fans", last year in the shopping festival before the use value of the brand of a tight jeans, for "double eleven" at hand. However, during the day in November 10th to view the web, this pair of pants priced at 159 yuan, but at around 11 in the evening, the price becomes $199. Under the icon also specifically marked double eleven shopping Carnival price notice". Decomposition: Double eleven promotion process, some businesses will be the first price after the price, the price seems to fall, but in reality even higher than before. Some businesses in the supply of goods on the grounds that the actual purchase price caused by unable to complete the transaction; some businesses will have even inventory out seasonal product sales. For the fraudulent sales of businesses, consumers should pay attention to the preservation of evidence, according to the relevant provisions of the new consumer law put forward the "retreat one lose three requirements. Three tricks: "special offer" always out of stock examples: Wang in a well-known brand search to a special offer razor, do not hesitate to take, in order not to waste the postage, also bought some other things. And so on for a few days, but found that there is no razor in the hands of the seller, the seller’s explanation is out of stock, but also take the initiative to put the money back to me. The shaver didn’t buy, buy a bunch of other things, but do not want to spend their own postage back, Wang had to admit. Decomposition: a kind of special goods to attract customers into the store consumption, thereby driving the sale of other goods, this promotion is not uncommon. However, many buyers are reflected, some shops "special offer goods" often payment after delivery, the seller to explain the "out of stock" sold out "or" lack of stocking!相关的主题文章: