Chinese North haze yellow warning Jiubing cold air will debut in the new network running man20130526

Chinese North haze yellow warning "for" cold air "debut" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, October 14 (Chen Su) 14 reporter learned from the Central Meteorological Observatory, 14 day, Beijing, northern Tianjin, Eastern Liaoning, southern Shandong and other places are still moderate haze, some areas have moderate to severe haze, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning haze. However, from tomorrow onwards, affected by the cold air and precipitation, the region will gradually dissipate haze. By static stability weather, over the past 24 hours, Huang Huai western, central and southern North China, Northeast China and other places in southern mild to moderate local severe haze, haze, and severe pollution in Beijing, Tianjin and other places once again "haze lock city" scene. The central meteorological station is expected 14 days to 17 days, a moderate intensity of cold air from west to east to China north winds bring cool weather, to "blow" haze. But 14, Huang Huai and other places in northern China, the spread of pollutants is still poor, there will be haze. 15, North China, Huang Huai area will appear small to moderate rain, air quality improved significantly, but due to high humidity, visibility is still low, the day after tomorrow, accompanied by bringing cold northerly winds will completely improve visibility. This round of cold air, the northern and Eastern Xinjiang, northwest of Inner Mongolia, most of North China, North and Northeast China and other places will have 4 to 8 DEG C for cooling, which in northern Xinjiang, the local cooling rate can reach 10 to 12 DEG C, parts of northern Xinjiang and other places will also have small to moderate snow or sleet. Precipitation, the overall rainfall intensity is not large. Parts of Southeast Hainan Island and other places have heavy rain or heavy rain; 15, accompanied by a significant weakening of the east wind, Hainan round of heavy rainfall process into the end. (end)相关的主题文章: