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China has been a major breakthrough in superconducting again 7 shares to start soon in China R & D superconducting re breakthrough in the process of industrialization will accelerate Zhengbao information learned recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully developed the world’s first order of 100 meters long iron-based superconductor. This is a key step in the development of the superconducting materials from the laboratory to the industrialization process, marking the development of our country in the field of iron-based superconducting materials technology in the forefront of the world. At present, the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries, the preparation of iron-based superconductor is still at the meter level. Iron based superconducting materials have wide application prospects in many fields, such as industry, medicine, national defense and so on. At present, the high-temperature superconducting materials are changing from the research stage to the application stage. Data show that last year the global superconducting technology market reached $1 billion 800 million, is expected in 2022 the market size will increase to $5 billion 800 million, an average annual compound growth rate of up to 12.8%. Among them, the commercial, medical and health care and electricity industries in the field of demand is the main reason for the rapid growth of the market. Iron-based superconducting material is a new kind of high temperature superconducting material, which is discovered after copper based superconductor". It is understood that the iron-based superconductor due to the critical field maximum of more than 100 Tesla, and can maintain the characteristics of lossless transmission and high current density is still high in the superconducting magnetic field, which quickly become a hot research topic in international competition of the superconducting field. Public information, 2013 National Natural Science Award, which is more than 40K iron based high-temperature superconductors and the discovery of a number of basic physical properties". The results of this study, for the first time, break through the Macmillan limit temperature, and confirm that the iron-based superconductor is a new kind of high temperature superconductor. In addition, last year, the State Council issued the China made 2025, requiring the development of new materials to accelerate the development of key technologies and equipment, breaking the bottleneck of industrialization. Do a good job of superconducting materials, nano materials, graphene, bio based materials, such as strategic layout and development of cutting-edge materials, accelerate the upgrading of basic materials. Breakthrough in the manufacture and application of high power electronic devices, high temperature superconducting materials and other key components and materials, the formation of industrial capacity. From the point of view of the product type, the superconductor can be divided into low temperature superconductor and high temperature superconductor. Among them, the most extensive application of low-temperature superconducting. With the continuous improvement of technology, high temperature superconducting demand will continue to increase. From the application point of view, magnetic resonance imaging will become one of the most demanding applications. In addition, electronic and electrical technology will become the fastest growing demand for superconducting field. (Shanghai Securities Journal)相关的主题文章: