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China Erdos: new coal culture "breakthrough" to break the resource curse – Beijing Beijing Erdos August 26 Xinhua: China new coal Ordos: Culture "breakthrough" to break the resource curse in new network reporter Li Aiping to reproduce the coal gold for ten years, may not Ordos." 52 year old Liu Xianping talk about the revival of the coal industry in Ordos topic, such pre judgment. He believes that Ordos will rise again, but the proportion of coal can not be the same as before. After Erdos to re-examine the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, self. Once known as Erdos Chinese new coal, coal in China gold for ten years (2002 to 2012) rich degree comparable to Hongkong, the street running Bentley, Ferrari and other luxury cars, let Ordos popularity far exceeds the China another — Shanxi Datong coal. Liu Xianping is Ordos coal enterprises Yitai group deputy general manager of the coal division. He said, the second half of 2012 coal prices way down so far, large-scale coal enterprises including Yitai group, different degree has been affected, coal enterprises, employees pay cuts, run around a deserted house into the normal life order. Washington reporter survey found that the experience of coal by Sheng and after the decline of Ordos, has become rational. Liu Xianping believes that China in 2016 to implement the production capacity policy, the coal market supply and demand has been improved. Ordos City, the current average price of 196 yuan per ton of coal (RMB, the same below), compared with the beginning of the year rose by $33, or 20%. But it is difficult to return to ten years of gold, the coal industry is still a few achievements in the strength of large coal enterprises. Capacity to usher in the dawn, and can not instantly boost the local economy, Ordos is seeking a new transformation. Ordos Municipal Development and Reform Commission deputy director Fang Zhenrong said, Ordos is no longer a single large coal, the added value of coal industry has accounted for half of the country. Cultural tourism, leisure, health, health care, e-commerce and other emerging consumer rapid development, initially to build a diversified development, multi polar support of the industrial system. Ready to break the Ordos, decided to create culture in order to break the curse of resources". Sara, Gen Gi Khan, Ursula culture of bronze culture culture, Erdos dance culture and so on, are high-quality resources to develop cultural industry of Ordos. Ordos, deputy director of the office of the modern service industry Liu Yuzhen said that Ordos is trying to culture "throughout the film industry base, display skills to the full" is building now, there are more than and 90 enterprises to enter the film and television culture. It is understood that the current version of "Legend of the Condor Heroes" and "Huo" and other crew has also been stationed in. At the same time, Ordos is trying to become international. The official said, in order to develop the cultural tourism industry, local cooperation with global Oriental TV shooting Ordos cultural tourism propaganda film is 120 minutes long, were broadcast on dozens of TV in Europe and Asia in five countries. Is being held here in Ordos international Nadam Festival and the first international conference Erdos creative culture, is also the local accelerate internationalization)相关的主题文章: