Children’s Hospital of Shanxi Province in the new 19 begin to teach you how to go to the hospital-jiqingwuyuetian

Children’s Hospital of Shanxi province in the new 19 begin to teach you how to go to the hospital in September 19th 10, Changzhi road is located in the provincial capital of the province of new Xiaodian District Children’s hospital ward official clinic, the hospital obstetric, neonatal medicine and neonatal intensive care three departments relocated. At the same time, the provincial children’s hospital related departments stop. September 18th afternoon, the reporter went to the provincial children’s hospital to visit the new ward. A total of 24 new wards, into the spacious and bright new ward floor hall, a huge display at any time to release the latest information of the hospital, to facilitate the timely grasp of patients. Outpatient registration payment window staff told reporters, 19, 10, the registration fee window will be open 11. At the same time, in order to facilitate the patient, because each floor of the Department is not the same, each set up a registered window, will also open on the morning of 19. Subsequently, the reporter arrived at the two floor of the comprehensive examination section, the blue color of the electronic display screen has been opened, used to display the patient’s name, check the order, as well as check room number. When the patients sit in the waiting seats would be clear at a glance. The Department Director Liu told reporters: "after the tight arrangement and debugging, all current electrocardiogram and ultrasound equipment are in place and have been connected, tomorrow can be a normal reception." In the hospital corridor, folding baby care installation reflects the mother and baby care. Mother to the baby’s diaper, just gently fold buckle down into a simple nursing station. In the pediatric ward, there are special isolated areas. In the neonatal ward and neonatal intensive care unit, incubator, beds have been neatly placed, ready. Provincial Children’s hospital is located in the northern part of the old city, a serious shortage of parking spaces near the road congestion, after the relocation, the environment will be greatly improved. In this extension of news to children’s Hospital in the new provincial children’s hospital ward is located in Changzhi Road, new street and central street Jinyang Road, as close to being the construction of the Metro Line 2, to the need to pay special attention to road driving condition. If the drive to the new provincial children’s hospital ward, can travel along the East South Central Street West, turn right into the sports road, South to the Jinyang street, turn right to Jinyang street intersection, continue westbound to Changzhi, and then turn right heading north about 100 meters, you can see the new children’s hospital ward Road on the eastern side of the white building exterior wall the words "Shanxi province children’s Hospital of maternal and Child Health Hospital of Obstetrics and gynecology in the neonatal ward" several characters. The public can also in South Central Changzhi street intersection and turn left, then arrived at the hospital in Changzhi Road Street Jinyang u-turn. In addition, drive, Jinyang street, Riverside Road Changzhi road can be arrived at the hospital, but the need to turn left or turn around. At present, the nearest bus station to the provincial children’s hospital ward is the central new Changzhi road 807 Road, 501 Road, South Central Street station. After people get off, you need to walk west to Changzhi Road, and then walk south to the hospital. There are 55 road and 903 road in the south of the hospital site Jinyang street, walking distance to some long.相关的主题文章: