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Cai Zhenhua denied the "push back" Gao Hongbo – Sports – original title: Cai Zhenhua denied the "push back" Gao Hongbo Ukraine, in the end of the game, the national football coach Gao Hongbo said at a news conference last night, "and China had in-depth exchanges after the leadership of the Football Association, believes that the current problems should be Chinese football coach bear responsibility, so I offered to leave" such a statement could not help but to the outside world to "the leadership of the Football Association Yetan release for" feeling. But in yesterday’s press briefing, China Football Association President Cai Zhenhua and then appeared in the conversation scene of the full-time Executive Association denied this statement, in Hong Chenjun Cai Zhenhua said, "the expected goal is this year coaching 5 games scored seven or eight points, but only scored 1 points, coach to be responsible, to resign but, I can responsibly say that I never have expressed similar meaning, did not mention the resignation of two words……" Chinese Football Association yesterday temporarily held a news briefing, and Gao Hongbo’s sudden resignation are not unrelated, one more specific reason is in Ukraine, after the game, Gao Hongbo open to the media said, in a night before and Chinese football association leadership communication, understand "the manager must bear responsibility" means, so choose to leave claudio. At yesterday’s meeting, Cai Zhenhua does not deny that the coach should take some responsibility for the team’s performance, but the "responsibility" and "resignation" are not directly linked. Cai Zhenhua said, "from the perspective of responsible, I should put the process of the 10 evening talk about before each contest, we will need to match and prepare, put forward their own proposals, including the original and the Perrin team and women’s football team ‘are the same, more service role, can not interfere with the coaching decision. I understand that Hong Bo has been under great pressure as a national coach, but I have never mentioned the resignation of two words. Under normal circumstances, I would not have made such a low-level errors, come back after my lover also asked me this question, I said it could not say, for example, just like their children before the exam, I can’t say with the child, if you fail, how." Asked why Gao Hongbo said at the press conference, is not because there is some misunderstanding on the communication. Cai Zhenhua said: I have been thinking about this problem, but the answer can only be answered by Gao Hongbo himself. Suggest that you can ask Gao Hongbo. I am responsible to say that I go to Tashkent is to encourage, to hope that the national team can fight back. I would also like to ask the Secretary of the Hong Kong or other staff of the Chinese Football Association, there is no similar words, so that he mistakenly think that is the meaning of the association, but after we did not understand the meaning of similar." Cai Zhenhua also revealed that he was back to the hotel after the game, only to know that the resignation of Gao Hongbo. "I asked him to look on, and asked why he resigned, he also asked the things other members did not coach and team communication? Are the other members of the team continuing? He said the team members are very dedicated, it is recommended to continue. I have asked him, the resignation is not impulsive, and now this time is not hasty resignation." Although Cai Zhenhua has repeatedly stressed that the football association and the management team members will not interfere with the coach’s decision, but because in the process of preparing for the game, public opinion shows the media相关的主题文章: