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Blue book published: Internet banking will gradually get rid of "barbaric" Sina Technology Xu Li Central Bank Financial Research Institute, Chinese Internet Finance Association, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance, Social Sciences Academic Press Department recently issued the "China Internet Financial Development Report (2016)" (hereinafter referred to as the "blue book"). The book first summarized the general situation of the development of China’s Internet banking in 2015, including the macroscopic background of the financial development of the Internet; secondly according to the classification of Internet financial model, analyzes the development of China’s Internet finance, Internet payment, the traditional financial institutions in the financial sector of the Internet and the new Internet financial institutions such as the format of the final analysis; our country faces the risks of Internet banking, regulatory situation and future trend of development. Get rid of the "barbaric" blue book that, with the establishment of the Internet financial regulatory policies and self-discipline organization, 2016 Internet finance will be more standardized, and gradually get rid of the "barbaric" situation, the development pattern will gradually mature and stable. Blue paper pointed out that the relevant regulatory authorities on the Internet Financial attitudes changed from the process of acquiescence, wait-and-see, risk warning, issued a regulation to research forum. The future, regulators on the Internet payment regulation may reflect the following characteristics: one is to further regulate the industry access and exit mechanism; two is to develop the service of the real economy and the Internet Financial Inclusive Finance as the goal; the three is to improve the credit system, enhance the transparency of Internet financial information. The crux of P2P originated in Europe and the United States P2P, all the chips and other so-called Internet banking format, although the pioneer in gathering funds, provide inclusive investment banking services, risk management issues, but these models did not address the subject of investment or financing end. China has sprung up like P2P, some still rely on the development of the human sea tactics financing (borrowers) and solve the risk problem, greatly raising the cost of financing, resulting in high interest rates. In addition, many institutions did not go or no way to do the work of financing side, bad debt problems have been exposed, either run away or put up the shutters. Many problems in financing back end information asymmetry. However, the third party payment institutions and banks can solve this problem. Provide services for e-commerce third party payment mechanism, analysis model of accumulation of a large amount of customer transaction data for a long time and the construction of credit related data, the Internet environment can solve the financing problem of asymmetric information; and the bank has the financial strength and the ability to control the wind, to provide an effective solution for the P2P mode of financing side risk management. Block chain or will dominate the Financial Shared blue book pointed out that block chain finance may be advanced form of future financial sharing. Block chain is essentially a perfect mathematical solution for all parties to build trust mechanism, and bitcoin is the first application of block chain technology. Based on the block chain, coupled with a series of auxiliary methods built on the block chain, people on the Internet to establish a set of Internet governance mechanisms. .相关的主题文章: