Biography Unicorn enterprise honest or acquired by the consumer goods giant govos

Pass the unicorn enterprise Honest or consumer goods giant acquisition of Recode Chinese station in September 10 reported according to sources familiar with the situation revealed by the famous Hollywood actress Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba) co-founder Honest Company is in talks to sell electricity supplier maternal issues, and potential buyers is similar to Procter & Gamble (Procter & Gamble) or joint Unilever (Unilever) and other large consumer company. Because the negotiations are still in the stage, the current contact may not generate transactions, and the potential acquisition of the transaction price is still unknown. However, when Honest last year to get $100 million financing, its valuation has reached about $1 billion 700 million. According to sources, the establishment of five years of Honest has received $222 million investment, revenue of about $300 million last year. Requests for comment, the relevant companies have not yet responded. The value of the acquisition negotiations are increasingly valued consumer company electricity supplier for its future, and they want to reduce dependence on Amazon shipping channels in the new field of competition. Traditional retailers are also facing similar challenges, such as not long ago, WAL-MART spent $3 billion 300 million acquisition of only one year to set up a shopping site Jet. For Honest and other start-ups to get rid of the Amazon channel, direct supply to the consumer business model, consumer company is very interested in. In July of this year, Unilever announced the acquisition of male care products ordering service provider Club $1 billion price Dollar Shave. Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Johnson have relied on retail stores to sell products that have given up direct contact with consumers. However, about 40% of Honest products through Taghit (Target) and Whole Foods and other retailers, while the remaining products are sold through Honest and HonestBeauty website. Honest was founded in 2011, and its other founder Blaine • Lee (Brian Lee) currently serves as the company’s CEO. The company’s initial sales of diapers and other non-toxic baby products, and later extended to other areas, such as sunscreen, infant formula milk powder and cosmetics. However, Honest monthly subscription business model has also led to some of the comments, some of them are not aware of is for repeated delivery orders, and called to cancel these repeated delivery package is too difficult. Honest also faces a number of lawsuits. Some of the company’s products contain chemicals they claim to have no use, prosecutors said. There are prosecutors said, Honest sunscreen effect did not reach the effect of its advertising publicity. The company has denied the allegations. In February this year, Honest has been preparing for the initial public offering (IPO), but then stopped. The company believes that although the M & a market warming, but it is not a good time to market. (compile Eru) recommended: concern Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi) to get apple iPhon.相关的主题文章: