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Betta "Helen of Troy aunt" combined with you to experience the art of Xiamen – Ctrip Sohu tourism is a city with a charm and elegance of the precipitation years, bursting with romantic poet text, full of lively and leisurely in the city, and the most special label it become indifferent. Time passed quietly, not wake up time. In November 2nd, Ctrip Travel to the United Betta live in Xiamen, "Helen of Troy aunt beauty by Betta mushroom (channel 331895) with your tour in Xiamen. The mushroom as World Tour seventeenth period travel experience division, take you to experience is not the same as Xiamen, slow life bring you feel a face value of girl eyes, in the city to do not want to leave the city, the high value of Yan bursting point low mepem will bring you to the mushroom Xiamen? Of Lujiang Hotel, feel old Xiamen flavor. At the The Marine Hotel in the most of history most characteristic of Xiamen Lujiang Hotel, the mushroom will receive mysterious mission what? She can finish? Enjoy the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road famous snacks, walking street is located in the Gulangyu Islet on the opposite side of the foreign tourists will visit the land, like New York, Manhattan, Tokyo, Ginza, and so, Fujian and Taiwan what is the taste of taste? Take your tour of Xiamen University, as one of the most beautiful China university how peerless? Or is known to meet us? Will travel a large coffee Lijiang mushroom base son take you through the long shadow of palm trees, beautiful Lotus Lake, the deep valley of love. In the city of Xiamen, Ctrip Travel Experience Division will take you to experience the pure beauty of mushroom with Xiamen during the slow life, live in the November 2nd ~4, Ctrip Betta live will jointly send coupons, free room Lujiang Hotel Lujiang Hotel Lujiang Hotel buffet lunch buffet dinner coupons, coupons, will also send massive Hotel coupons, fresh mushroom in the anchor wait for you to see the live channel 331895 in Xiamen, quickly come on!相关的主题文章: