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Beijing the Imperial Palace and National Museum in Berlin reached a new cooperation in the original title: Beijing the Imperial Palace and National Museum in Berlin reached a cooperation in Germany will do "China in Ming and Qing Dynasties portraits Exhibition" new Beijing on 19 September, (reporter Ying Ni) "German museum forum" held in the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing on the 19 day. The Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang and Berlin National Museum curator Eisenhower site signed a cooperation agreement, the former will hold "the Ming and Qing Dynasties China portraits Exhibition" in Germany, the two sides will cooperate in the publication of the eighteenth Century English album of Tibetan buddhism. The dialogue forum, Shan Jixiang "museum will be how to deal with the public the growing cultural needs of the title, the the Imperial Palace in recent years in the opening area, increase cultural and creative product development, enhance the external information, the exploration and practice on. Eisenhower brought the "core art museum treasures" Humboldt forum "and its origin in the ancient Prussian art treasures from the Museum of the topic, effects of changes in the history of Germany in the museum and the analysis of the development of the" Humboldt forum "which is a comprehensive cultural center. Communicate with other people are learning the dialogue forum Museum protection idea and repair techniques and Museum of history, cultural heritage protection and research, portrait painting concepts and techniques of evolution, and the rise of the private museum of art collection, the theme of ancient buildings. Shan Jixiang said, the Imperial Palace Museum and the National Museum of Berlin is implementing the two cooperation projects. First, in September 2017, held in Berlin, National Museum Museum of Asian art portrait of China’s Ming and Qing dynasties". The second is the cooperation in publishing English version of the eighteenth Century Tibetan Buddhism album, Berlin National Museum Folk Museum half set in eighteenth Century by a court painter in the Qing Dynasty as the Changkya khutukhtu V biography (unique), the other half of the album set of the same drawing Tibetan Buddhist Monk Biography and the Imperial Palace Museum collection album combination, published. The forum after the end of the dialogue, related topics will continue, and will be the 100 anniversary of the establishment of the National Museum in Berlin in September 2017, Germany’s "Humboldt forum" held the second round of Sino German dialogue. (end)相关的主题文章: