Beijing still has 2 million 300 thousand numbers are not registered in the middle of next month

Beijing still has 2 million 300 thousand number is not real name registration will not stop in the middle of next month from the Beijing Daily: Beijing daily news (reporter Fang Shi Binnan     Feiyue) in the continuous fermentation of telecommunications fraud, the day before, Beijing area of three major telecom operators have said that in the next period of time will increase the real name registration on the strength, not the real name users to send text messages to remind the shutdown countdown, and on the part of the user manual call reminder, October 15, 2016, in the notice period of time did not go through the procedure of registration of users, telecommunications companies will suspend its communications services in accordance with the law. In May this year, the Ministry issued "on the implementation of the" Anti Terrorism Law "and other laws and regulations to further improve the true identity of the phone user information registration work notice", the notification specified, not the real name of old user information put up, operators can stop the communication service. Give notice of schedule, communication requirements of enterprises to ensure the enterprise before December 31, 2016 all the phone user name rate reached more than 95%, in June 30, 2017 before all the phone users to achieve the real name registration. However, Beijing will be the real name registration deadline 8 months ahead of schedule. In mid July this year, Beijing three operators were combing the need for real numbers, the total of more than 270, among them, more than 130 mobile, Unicom, telecom 40 100 more than a million. But in Beijing, mobile, Unicom, telecom still has about 1 million 200 thousand, 800 thousand, 350 thousand users have no real name registration, that is to say, now in the Beijing area, the three operators have more than 230 numbers need for board, the last two months of the registration process completed in less than 15.相关的主题文章: