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Beautiful new way of eating and Bacon Bacon – Sohu pineaprc roll with pineapple, they together like the misfits, but non mainstream circles but this delicacy with a new realm of extraordinary taste, even with the traditional husband also praised it. Pineapple body medicinal and nutritional value is very rich, which effectively promote the skin beautiful and moist, have a certain cosmetic effect while also can lose weight, is that enough to lift many women worry materials: Bacon 5, pineapple 1 black pepper, Lemon Juice proper steps: 1, pineapple peel cut small pieces of the same size (preferably with Bacon’s width) 2, sliced pineapple chunks in salt water for half an hour; remove to squeeze Lemon Juice marinated for 20 minutes, Bacon cut 3 fold, to 4, as the whole pineapple with bamboo pre soaked in water, so as not to bake when burnt, Vol. good Bacon pineapple 5, strung into bamboo, put into the tray 6, over 7, sprinkle with pepper into the preheated grill Box middle, upper and lower fire 200 degrees, bake 15~20 minutes to enjoy the finished product相关的主题文章: